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  • Comprehensive analysis of the infrared camera infrared lamp

       The infrared camera is divided into two types, one is a passive infrared technology, an active infrared technology. The passive infrared technology objects 0 ℃ ~ 273 ℃ above the infrared light emission principle, be the night shooting. And active infrared camera technology is dependent on the external light support equipment such as infrared lamps, etc. mentioned above. Using the camera´s CCD image sensor with emotion infected with the spectral characteristics of infrared light, feeling infection to visible light, can also be feeling infection infrared light, in order to achieve night vision surveillance.
       The lens is certainly a good infrared ip camera night vision lens, but the F value must be small, the F value the smaller the better night vision must note here at the time of purchase. For infrared light, the knowledge of its relatively large.
       Because of its impact on the imaging results of the infrared camera, so look at an infrared camera, we must first understand the infrared light. Infrared camera is the single-chip LED infrared light or multi-chip LED infrared light is a halogen, white multi-chip LED infrared light to make up the infrared light of a single chip capacity subject, more chip set together, so the exposure interval farther. Halogen lamps, the luminous power is very strong, of course, power consumption and fever will be relatively large, so the capital is relatively high.
       The infrared ip camera infrared light irradiation interval is closely related with the weather, the environment and nearby reflective rate. Its relative value exposure interval: 30W = 5 to 15 meters; 50W = 15 to 30 meters; 300W = 80 to 120 meters; 500W = 150 to 200 meters

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