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  • Shenzhen Apexis Electronic to teach you how to install camera at home

          Fear of burglary due to work, many people want to install surveillance ip cameras at home, but do not know what essential items, there is the how to install. Or a computer, you want the PC camera as a surveillance camera head. Do not know how to start. By professional surveillance camera manufacturers explain, then you can do it yourself is installed, no longer have to ask for help.
         (1) sure you want to hold what kind of camera. According to an ordinary camera, first prepare the work, camera, camera power, video capture cards have much choice (depending on the camera), video cable, power cord, and then the mini ip camera fixed in installed position, and then power supply connected (camera power supply-12V-220V power cord) and then connected video cable (camera - video cable - control card), then line monitoring card installed in the host computer connected to OK, note live video line two equipped with connectors, buy a camera like Shunpian Mai several.
         (2) be ready. Screws, brackets, ip camera, power supply, BNC connector, and electric drills, etc., then the first electric drill a small hole, remember to drill three or so, a small bracket, and then pick up the camera and then screw a good bracket, head fixed in the bracket, I remember but also with screws fixed, must be solid job otherwise easily fall, and then the camera head a power supply with a video cable, with ready power supply to power then that interface , the video lines that use a BNC connector, usually a camera with two BNC connectors, a camera that a DVR or computer, and then the BNC connectors to connect the video cable port connected then look at how to wiring, under-wired, you debugging, connected to the DVR or computer capture card, install the DVR or computer with the software, put something you can read! (Also note that the height of the installation)
         (3) the family is the installation of monitoring are generally use their own computer to do video recorder, so the first installation of the computer above need in the computer video capture card. The capture card comes with the CD-ROM driver software you need to capture card + camera + power + Cables + BNC head. . Selection hemisphere do not need to bracket a monitor with the video compression card, the camera signal line received the card above. Is the best ip camera, monitor the dedicated camera, video cable, the camera´s power adapter, 12V, bracket, BNC connectors, easy on them. Need video capture card on the computer. The capture card comes with the CD-ROM driver software you need to capture card + camera + power + Cables + BNC head. . Selection hemisphere without bracket

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