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  •     Residential "defense" and the alarm system

        Family of intelligent security system as the most important one in the smart residential construction, the main "defense" function, that is, and at night when nobody is at home to be burglar, 24-hour fire protection, anti-gas leak at home, snatches and emergency and requested that when the police intelligence, in addition to the live sound and light alarm to remind owners, neighbors, deter the bad guys, but also to the security center of the cell telephone network alarm, police intelligence in order to be dealt with expeditiously. This feature in some systems the program and the building intercom system used together, but now the actual application and expert advice, general building intercom systems and alarm systems separate as well.
        The fire alarm system like a huge network protection, fire dynamics in the constantly monitored by a building, for emergency treatment after early detection of fire and burst fire, provide an effective and reliable means. The entire system from a functional point of view, can be divided into four subsystems, fire detection systems, detection of fire of the surrounding environment; central control system, centralized monitoring, unified scheduling; fire alarm system, the report of fire took place, timely evacuation; extinguishing linkage system to start the fire fighting equipment, and quickly extinguished the fire.
        Many people buy a house, pay more attention to the security network camera system of the district, in the eyes of many people, the security system in the cell door, the staircase corridor to install several cameras, a number of detectors, and then combine them, the system naturally foolproof way to ensure the safety of the residential area, residents can sit back and relax. In fact, this idea is very ignorant.
        The security camera system is a highly technical and comprehensive system, it involves many aspects of systems engineering, is truly; in reality, due to differences in the understanding of all aspects, or different purposes, often one-sided emphasis on the one hand ignored the other hand, a result, the system is not ideal. Focus only on flashy "buy" security system, after investigation, with the real estate market is fiercely competitive, in order to be in a favorable position in the competition, many developers of residential security systems as a compelling selling point "grand launch, have to invest in security systems, including: building intercom system, perimeter and environmental alarm security monitoring camera system, the family room alarm systems and so on.
        Now in some residential areas there is a serious anti-theft risk, not only anti-theft, theft or fire broke out, and also to help the Pirates or master trapped in the intelligent construction of the indoor, calling the district

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