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  •  Network video surveillance system: rest assured, the school parents to see the intimate

        China has now entered the one-child society, the parents of their children very seriously the child to the kindergarten age, you can choose the nursery down to become a problem. Not to say that kindergarten teachers is not strong, not to say that kindergarten hardware is not up to, but there are some kindergartens are not installed kindergarten network video monitoring system, why parents will see so heavy?
        Since the beginning of this year, repeatedly made public a number of nurseries and kindergartens, schools occurred in cases of harm to children so that parents shocking. Government has always stressed that the integrated use of a variety of science and technology to strengthen the management of these bodies, which include the installation of the kindergarten network video surveillance system. Through this nursery network video surveillance system can be implemented on the nurseries in the 24-hour monitoring, the parents see their children through monitoring every move, truly parents peace of mind, rest assured that society.
        Set of kindergarten network video ip surveillance system is designed specifically for childcare institutions, so early in the design, take full account of the current electronic information technology suddenly learning Mengjin the status quo, so is the most advanced technology, intelligence high, even with a certain advance. Installation, taking into account the customer´s overall needs, skills-oriented, such as the wall of the kindergarten to install an infrared ip camera transmitter, once the outsider intrusion alerts, the first time.
        The entire kindergarten network video monitoring system by infrared night vision ip camera, monitoring host and camera power supply. High-resolution infrared night vision cameras can automatically adapt to the environment of light and dark, and the target distance, high-precision drive to achieve 360-degree continuous rotation, and run very stable. Monitoring host support for hard disk sleep at the same time work hard number up to more than two, to protect the hard disk data security and integrity; camera power all 12V power supply will not affect the use and to ensure the childcare institutions safety.
        Kindergarten network ip video surveillance system, called the protection of the children of God, truly a community be assured that the parents comfortable ease kindergarten.

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