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  • Six factors that you clearly know why the infrared camera will tracts of snow

        Infrared ip camera, as the name implies, infrared light with camera combination. The camera is important, but the infrared light can not be ignored. Many users will have to reflect the infrared camera will be the snow, surveillance ip camera manufacturers in Shenzhen surveillance cameras manufacturer rich congested electronic technology Co., LTD Xiaobian be collected with the practice, but also summed up the six major issues, I hope to be helpful for those who have questions about the user.
        1.Current reason, if your outdoor short distance, you can use the centralized power supply 12V, if it is long distance is not suitable 12V power supply; First, long-distance infrared light heat large 12V supply all built-in The cooling device is prone to burn out the current instability;
        2, infrared light, poor quality, the angle of the infrared light and infrared distance with the lens does not match; many companies in order to facilitate the procurement and installation of a variety of angles, light mixed, so the benefits of using them the same kind of lights can barely use a variety of millimeter-sized lens, the downside is that always make people feel light angle and distance with the lens unsuitable, inappropriate angle, easy flashlight phenomenon or narrow electrical phenomenon; when the distance does not match, such as 12MM lens, but use 10 to 20 m of light, then you will gray the phenomenon;
        3 handicraft problem:
        The hand of a lot of people, the infrared light does not focus, astigmatism; lead to scattered light around bright, but a gray hazy phenomenon; cotton profile of the infrared light the front of the light is not tight, focused infrared red scattered light therefore a vast phenomenon
        4 built-in is a poor camera, illumination high; to price competition, many manufacturers use a very poor camera built-in inside the camera infrared light make up the low light, is prone to snow phenomenon
        5, circuit design, unreasonable; production of infrared network cameras, not just infrared light mounted directly to the camera inside and then on the line, but fitted to its camera circuit re-design and aging treatment. Market, many small processing plants is to use low-cost electronic components buy cheap infrared light, the direct electric iron welding up to redesign the circuit is not there is no aging treatment;
        6, another may be, if you are suitable dusty, especially in the field, there may be cameras, infrared light meat seeing less than the small particles shot down, the infrared light in the daytime is not open circumstances, within the eye and the ip camera feel obvious;

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