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  •  Most concerned about three key surveillance ip cameras project

       In the past two years the financial crisis, the surveillance ip camera manufacturers the greatest impact. The focus of surveillance cameras project the market direction will change, how to adapt to new areas is critical for surveillance cameras Contractors for, so save costs, save money, improve the efficiency of project management of each unannounced visits to project the most attention. In terms of surveillance cameras Contractors, the following aspects are worth noting:
        First, monitoring program design is off: the monitoring program design involves the choice of the network approach, parametric EQ design of the network load, system backup capability to design systems of electrical design and anti-jamming design. A good design can reduce project costs and improve system reliability, reduce the human and material resources.
        Second, monitoring the procurement of equipment off: it is extremely important to monitor the control equipment procurement costs. Surveillance ip cameras Contractors experience in the cables, ducts, switches, power will surely opt for high-quality products, because the monitoring equipment is installed it is difficult to maintenance and demolition, the system of quality problems may lead to long paralysis . Monitoring equipment to buy without the blind pursuit of the brand, but the pursuit of functionality and reliability, without the pursuit of excess complex functions, the principle of simple to use.
        Third, the security monitoring camera factory test off: system a complete test at the scene before it is very important, because the system software and hardware installed on the scene, if there is a problem, on-site without the right tools and platforms, will be very difficult to modify may have to return to Shenzhen surveillance camera manufacturers to re-edit, and actually increase the cost of long-term occupation Party time and manpower, affecting the normal work of the Party will this generate complaints.
        For example,Shenzhen apexis security network camera manufacturers to undertake a Bank of multi-user remote data monitoring system, a comprehensive test equipment before leaving the factory, the equipment, including surveillance cameras all the features, interface cards repeated tests comprehensive testing of the relay, run the power / standby power / power-power measurements, field strength interference measurements and 72-hour pager. The test platform to build real-world platform, the factory fully tested before installation, only a few hours to install success and acceptance. Previously undertaken by satellite car RMON project, we used to because of lack of preparation before leaving the factory, always thought there should be no problem to the site to link problems to pay the the debug price of a few months, the project costs soared.
        In fact, in the project budget, cost control, project acceptance Contractors have a lot of experience. Profound experience we want to say here is the Contractors need to improve the technical capacity, mainly reflected in the system development and engineering and technical development capabilities. Once an inspection tour of an industrial automation systems engineering, and dozens of device status monitoring, the monitoring center farther distance equipment, engineering companies pulled dozens of root fly line to the monitoring center, not only the signal attenuation, and threading wiring spent lot time, engineering companies and a tired, exhausted, and the whole system does not have a backup signal line, a signal line is broken, the monitoring system is easy to paralysis.
        When we encounter the same project on this to develop a WEB-based remote monitoring system, not only do not need to pull dozens of root fly line, and system link backup, no matter the cost, manpower, time, efficiency and reliability resistance are very high, very satisfied with the Party.
        Overall, monitoring cameras in project management and cost control of surveillance cameras are complementary, and the financial crisis to Shenzhen to monitor the camera industry, the impact is only temporary the Shenzhen surveillance cameras market demand growth is more worth the wait.

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