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  •  Comprehensive Analysis of the application of surveillance cameras

       In this manner has gradually been accepted and adopted, and better imaging results. The advantages of this approach is that the full light of daytime outdoor natural light environment Facial facial image is real, structured, can capture the details of the more human characteristics. Night out at the entrance to a single environmental lighting, full ambient lighting to get the satisfaction of Night Portrait. The installation, according to the ambient illumination at night can be used to Shenzhen, surveillance cameras or ordinary illumination, illumination, surveillance camera in Shenzhen. The disadvantage of this installation, the installation location by landscape restrictions, the wiring is a little troublesome, some projects need to involve the cutting of the road, you need to consider outdoor landscape environment. Some building entrances subject to environmental constraints in this way can not be selected.
       Through the above analysis, in the circumstances permitted by the built environment, it is recommended preferred outdoor installation, and do outdoor lighting at night entrance.
       Shenzhen surveillance ip camera installation angle
       Divided into: flat angle, depending on the installation location, overlooking the angle and Yang angle.
       The flat angle of installation: security network camera installation height close to the ordinary facial height, full details of facial features, the preferred angle of the building entrances surveillance camera installation, indoor installation, the adjustable mounting distance, location, height in order to achieve the flat angle. Triaxial, biaxial adjustable hemisphere surveillance camera, most of the surveillance camera can be wall-installation close to the flat angle installed. The disadvantage is that the concealment is not easy to destroy the environment of the scene landscape vulnerable to the impact of light environment.
       Overlooking the point of installation: the installation surveillance camera is often a ceiling or lifting. The advantage is easy installation, concealed portion of the light directly reflected the impact can be avoided. In this way should be noted that the surveillance cameras and facial angle should not be too large, or the overhead screen, days and less of the facial features. The disadvantage is that the lower recognition rate.
       Yang angle installation: the more special, and appeared in some of the lower plaza entrance, basement entrances, parking lot entrances and exits. In this way is the choice of the site needs special way. In this way must take into account the influence of various light sources. To avoid light interference. Protection against surveillance cameras should also be considered in detail. security monitoring camera to choose is appropriate to light the more mature product.
       Installed above, in practice the best way to install flat angle, it can show more facial detail, the proposed maximum overlooking the angle of not more than 15 degrees. When site constraints, in order to obtain the best results may be appropriate to select the installation distance idealized angle to adjust the object distance

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