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  •  How to deal with a waterproof infrared surveillance cameras FAQs failure

        The use of infrared surveillance cameras can now be said, have become ubiquitous. Not only important sectors of banking, treasury, museums, archives, books, AAA, prison, and also a residential area and the general television monitoring project use. Security television monitoring system, with the people of security awareness, an important place for 24 hours continuous monitoring of the needs of the television monitor and infrared imaging technology matures, infrared waterproof camera usage is getting higher and higher, has gradually developed into a This trend.
        Note choose a waterproof camera
        A given minimum illumination of the camera, but also given the requirements of the aperture F value, while the zoom lens is generally only given the maximum value of 1: F, the aperture of F minimum (maximum aperture actual size), F, = f / D, D is the value, f focal length of pull 10 times, F becomes large (ie, the actual aperture size becomes very small). Luminous flux will be greatly affected.
        Use the auto iris lens, automatic gain control or automatic electronic shutter cameras, the lens aperture F value will change. For example, the camera near the scene, reflected back the light to the camera, or near the lights and cameras, then the sensitivity of the cameras will reduce the size of the auto iris will be turn down, the luminous flux will also be greatly affected.
        3 camera gives the most illumination. What is the most illumination concept? Camera video signal generated by the nominal value of 1V, the standard value of 0.7V, the video signal when the value of the minimum illumination 1/3-1/2 standard plant. Camera images at the lowest illumination will never be as bright as day ".
        The shield also affect the effectiveness of infrared light, infrared light during transmission through different media, the transmissivity and reflectivity are also different. Window glass, auto defrost coated glass, the attenuation of infrared light are also different.
        With the rapid development of an infrared camera infrared night vision systems, infrared light production and supply manufacturers will also increase, but the red product is not like some people imagine as easily, in technology, testing equipment, conditions, want the user to a lot of plus comparison, choose carefully. Households use the IR waterproof camera infrared light to first carefully read the instruction manual, in particular, to ensure personal and equipment safety precautions. Supporting in terms of whether the check described earlier to meet the requirements should take into account the impact of factors taken into account, if not meet the requirement, timely adjustment of the equipment.
        The user should not be arbitrarily raising the supply voltage, IR waterproof camera infrared light in the design of both and give full play to its irradiance, taking into account its security and reliability. Improve the supply voltage may cause the infrared light burned, should not be arbitrarily Chaigai infrared light. If so, the manufacturer may no longer be responsible for maintenance. IR Waterproof Camera IR LED problems, should contact the manufacturer or supplier.
        Camera image clarity in the most Minimum illumination is measured, its black and white stripes with the television signal test card required black reflectivity close to 0%, white reflectivity of greater than 89.9%. While in the on-site observations, we sometimes do not have such a condition, such as: the reflectivity of leaves and grass is very low, contrast is very small, it is difficult to get a clear image.

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