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  • The remote video surveillance system, all changes from the phone

        A smart phone alternative to traditional RMON

        Your understanding of the mobile phone? When the phone is no longer a simple consumer goods, your ability to develop its new features. Different industries have different interpretations on the phone´s functions, one might fancy its operating system, camera, but for a large security market, the phone may change the family remote video surveillance, but also towards Smart Home The first step of life.

        Young people like the pursuit of individual life, which requires not only the home decor embodies a personalized, home theater, technology and life needs to reflect the different personalities feel. For the intelligent home, how to achieve the remote monitoring system? Daily office with phone remote system? Perhaps, the following can help you solve this problem.

        A smart phone is an alternative to traditional RMON

        For home remote monitoring system, the choice of seem to have become a key factor. Of course, network IP surveillance cameras is the product of choice; when the fiber has entered the home of the people, why do not 20M bandwidth points to the camera some? It can protect your security, but also allows you to experience the personalized home style.

        When the smartphone is not yet popular, traditional RMON software installed on your computer to view after landing. Of course, the more images to be displayed through the computer screen can see more clearly; However, when you´re out there thought about how to view the information in the home? Phone monitoring network in its heyday, the best home video surveillance system terminal equipment, every step of the network-enabled surveillance cameras, almost all with different operating systems, remote monitoring software. Really a network, smart phones instead of traditional wired remote monitoring.

        , Cell phone remote monitoring of commercial and civil correct

        2, mobile phone RMON 3G fire

         Smooth network, cell phone monitoring is all in vain. In particular, is not yet mature wireless network monitoring systems, when an urgent need to strengthen the 3G network services, is the major operators should consider the issue. The past two years, when the stage of development to enter the wireless network monitoring, it is the demand for mobile remote monitoring 3G networks moment to become the target of everyone´s attention. Bandwidth and to enhance the quality of mobile phone technology to achieve seamless integration of wired and wireless networks, to enable users truly possible to achieve anytime, anywhere to monitor the situation at home.

        , Cell phone remote monitoring of commercial and civil correct

        As said above content, in terms of mobile remote video surveillance, indeed used in the home monitoring. RMON development trends, commercialization monitoring to the mobile wireless monitor to move closer. I think the inspiration of the mobile phone video call feature from the video conferencing system, why can not this "special abilities" and then applied to the commercial dialogue?

        At present, the market has been a part of the enterprise mobile video conferencing terminal popularity of personal mobile phone, will not miss when away from the office telephone and video conferencing, to enhance the economically efficient operation of the cooperative enterprise, even if busy, personally leading "interview", but also to the other side to fully appreciate the feeling of "respect".

        Phone RMON effect screenshot

        Written in the final

        In a nutshell, is the mobile phone, changed the fate of the RMON. It appears, not only replaced the traditional wired monitoring network pattern; but also allow telecom operators to understand the pressure and sense of mission, regardless of the 3G network is used in remote monitoring, but if no such equipment and needs, we It is difficult to imagine the 3G network big promotion to wait until when; is the smart phone, the network needs more than one case, the mobile video call as part of the video conference.

        Science and technology in development, the era of progress. For large security industry, the phone is open the remote video surveillance is a key factor. For you, your phone doing?

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