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  • Network video encoder and its video surveillance implementation steps

        With the development and application of the network, in real life more and more people dependent on the network because the network transmission speed, real-time advantages, and thus the network video encoder with the emergence of, but what is network video encoder. The network video encoder what many people are scanty, Xiaobian to give you the knowledge of network video encoder and video surveillance applications for study and reference.

        What is a network video encoder, network encoder, it is a compression, the professional network to handle audio and video data transmission equipment, which is commonly known as the Network Code, there is a device called Network Video (commonly known as network solutions), network The video encoder in the front-end, network video in the back-end, the two can be understood as a two-way transmission channel, data encoding to decode the two are complementary.

        The basic structure of the network video encoder

        Network video encoder consists of audio and video compression coding chip input and output channels, network interfaces, audio and video interface, RS485 serial interface control protocol interface control, system software management structure. If used in network video surveillance is understood as a front-end equipment in the remote monitoring system, an external camera, alarm signals can automatically dial the registered monitoring service platform to the center in order to achieve the remote monitoring.

        Network video encoder function and its workflow

        The network video encoders to provide video compression or decompression to complete the acquisition or rehabilitation of the image data, the more popular MPEG-4 or H.264-based image data compression via the Internet network to transfer data and audio data processing .

        The network video encoder workflow video and control compound to restore the original appearance of the video signal transmission, a computer network in the network solution at. Hard network solution, you can direct video signal, can also be connected to the control of the keyboard on the bottom of device control; through the soft network solution can be viewed on a computer network and control. Upload the front of the video signal, the control signal of the back-end transmission. Downstream of the control signal to control the matrix screen processor alarms, and other front-end equipment. For multisection level center to the total control center, has a strong superiority in the inter-city inter-provincial networking. Due to tie the equipment with the same diversity, the underlying protocol does not directly buy back the web series and network solutions, the need for secondary development.

        Network video encoder steps in video surveillance applications

        1, the equipment needed

        Network video encoders, network cameras, to meet the requirements of the PC (CPU, hard disk, memory, operating system, browser, graphics, these are based on the requirements of the network camera to the right choice)

        2, the installation of network video encoders and IP cameras

        PC network design, network video encoder and the network camera to be set up in the same network segment can be set manually or automatically obtain the IP in the form of a specific form of the set, please refer to the product manual;

        3, configure the network devices

        Administrator privileges to configure the network devices, the need to open a browser to access by IP address, enter the administrator account and password, you can enter the main setup interface you can see the screen of the remote monitoring, find related parameters in the main settings interface set point, you can set the parameters of the network camera, the interface of each network camera has its own style, and illustrates the small series in which not to, interested friends, have the opportunity to make your own to operate and set it.

        Network video encoder

        Overview of the development of network video encoder

        Increasing demand for network monitoring, to stimulate the majority of machine vision manufacturers, especially manufacturers of industrial cameras efforts to develop in terms of network cameras, and indirectly promote the development of network video encoders, network video encoder by video transmission of a single function, and gradually developed into with WIFI network with the local SD card storage, or USB storage or IDE hard disk storage; single transmission channel from the gradual development of the original single-channel become: D1, HD1, of the two four CIF menu operation and management of integrated systems and multi-channel compatible.

        Currently, the network video encoder means of communication from a simple wired network, and gradually developed into: wired and wireless WIFI (the 802.11abg communication protocol) compatible wireless transmission distance from tens of meters (30-100 m) to develop into the tens of kilometers (30-50 km).

        We know that the encoder signal or data preparation, conversion and transmission equipment out. The network video encoder only encoder after through the development of a common application, and successfully applied to the network equipment has been the general understanding and application of electronic engineers. More articles on network video encoders, so stay tuned race microelectronics network consumer electronics channels.

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