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  •  Surveillance cameras to buy need to focus on what

        We all know that video surveillance has become an indispensable part of our life safety and security, and plays the role of large or small, from personal safety to the property safety, security products in the status quo of today´s technological advances are constantly changed, so how purchase and installation of these security products have become the most concern.
        Surveillance camera to buy concern
        The role of surveillance cameras monitored area, camera and converts it into electrical signals, according to specifications can be divided into 1/3 1/2 "and 2/3" and other types of installation there are two kinds of fixed and with PTZ in the purchase of such security products to pay attention to its parameters, the following should be noted that some of the problems for the purchase of camera parameters:
        A sensor parameters
        At present, the mainstream surveillance camera sensor uses CCD elements, in fact, the photoelectric conversion element. Compared to previous CMOS sensor, the CCD sensitivity is 3-10 times of CMOS and CCD chip can receive more light signals converted to electrical signals, the formation of the video signal output by the video processing circuit filtering, amplification . The received optical signal is stronger, the greater the amplitude of the video signal. Video input video signal is connected to a monitor or TV will be able to see the video image. Improve image clarity simply is to improve the photosensitivity of the camera.
        Second, the lens parameters
        Aperture: Aperture is installed in the rear of the lens, iris open larger the lens the greater the amount of light, the higher the clarity of the image; aperture open more small, the smaller the amount of light through the lens, the image clarity more low. Usually expressed as F (luminous flux). F = focal length (f) / aperture. The technical specifications of the camera, we often to see 6mm/F1.4 this parameter, it means that the lens focal length is 6mm, the luminous flux of 1.4, then we can easily calculate the aperture is 4.29mm. In the same focal length f, the smaller the F value, the larger the aperture, the greater luminous flux that reaches the CCD chip, the lens the better.
        FOV parameters: in engineering practice, we used standard field of view to reflect the picture of the shooting range. Focal length f the greater the smaller the FOV, the smaller the picture formed on the photosensitive element; the contrary, the focal length f the smaller field of view greater the greater the scope of the picture on the photosensitive element.
        Focal length (f) parameters: the focal length is the distance between the lens and the sensor by changing the lens focal length, you can change the magnification of the lens, changing the size of the captured images. When the distance between the object and the lens is very far, we can use the following formula expression: lens magnification ≈ focal length for / object distance. Increase the focal length of lens, magnification increases, can be closer to the vision, the scope of the picture is small, the details of the vision to see more clearly; If you reduce the focal length of lens magnification reduces the screen expand the scope can to see a bigger scene.
        Pixels and resolution surveillance cameras to be higher than the computer´s video head but could not keep up with a professional digital camera or dv. Surveillance cameras just a single video capture device, it does not have the data-save feature.
        Surveillance camera installation the following to introduce a surveillance camera installation:
        , In conditions that meet the requirements of the target field of view of the monitor, the installation height: indoor ground should not be less than 2.5m; outdoor ground should not be less than 3.5m.
        Second, surveillance cameras and supporting equipment, such as lens, protective cover, bracket, wiper, installation should be firmly operation should be flexible, should be noted that the vandal, and in harmony with the surrounding environment.
        In the environment of strong electromagnetic interference, surveillance camera installation should be to insulate.
        Signal lines and power lines were introduced into the exposed parts of the hose protection does not affect the rotation of head.
        Fifth, the elevator car surveillance cameras should be installed on the left or right hand above the door, and can effectively monitor the elevator car occupant facial features.

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