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  • In-depth analysis of the technical characteristics and advantages for development of the network camera

        Wireless access

        While most of the buildings now have to install a wired network, wired network camera access to the network, but wireless access network solutions to reduce project complexity and reduce the capital has a strong appeal. For example, in some need is not scheduled to change the location of the camera, but do not want to re-wiring of the occasion, or wiring that may affect the entire internal construction and beautiful place, the wireless access network solutions can easily solve these frustrations.

        The network camera wireless access methods for wireless local area network (WLAN) access. The wireless LAN is a smaller span, usually located in the indoor wireless network, effective interval is generally not more than 100 m (802.11g). A variety of specifications scale wireless LAN, wireless network cameras generally use the specification of the IEEE802.11b or IEEE802.11g scale, where 802.11g 802.11b Improved data transfer rate up to 54Mbps.


        The network camera provides three forms of security features. The first user security management, such as user registration, authority and governance; second, the IP / MAC address binding, and only agreed to bind the IP / MAC address of the computer access; third is based on the level of security. use of common network security technology.

        Currently, manufacturers have launched a H.264 encoding engines that Davinci-based series of network cameras, with independent intellectual property rights, with PTZ, alarm input / output, voice intercom, SD memory and other functions, has a heartbeat, SADP, WebServer network support IEEE802.11g standard wireless access.

        Network camera monitoring advantage

        Through a network monitoring, network cameras, in addition to remote monitoring in any corner of the world through the Internet, can also effectively reduce the capital, its "plug and play" feature, no need to install coaxial cable the same as analog cameras. Utilize the existing network, you can use the uniqueness of the network camera.

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