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  • Excellence, multi-point monitoring system dispatched a probe counter-productive

        In the field of security, video surveillance is a very complex system, in addition to sophisticated surveillance cameras, storage devices, display devices, monitoring probes dispatched a point, angle, etc., must do better. It can be said that the monitoring system is based on the global existence of the product, it is not limited to a certain product; image monitoring the effect depends entirely on the front-end monitoring equipment. Especially in the actual routing process, people tend to think that multi-dispatched but can play better results.

        When the increasing number of network surveillance cameras into the security market, the demand for monitoring is also increasing. High-definition, low-light, strong backlight, day and night conversion conditions must be met; especially in specific areas, how to use the scientific method to resolve the issue of monitoring dead ends worthy of our attention. In fact, there are many errors also dispatched a surveillance camera process, perhaps we can pass some tips so that everyone can understand how to layout a simple surveillance camera.

        With the field of security or to become the first choice in the financial, transport sector, network monitoring and control products. In the layout process should give full consideration to the problem of network bandwidth and monitoring costs. Both technically and from the monitoring principle, if you want to achieve high quality monitoring must consider the layout of the number of probe location, wiring distance and other factors. Long-distance transmission will affect the signal, with a network cable laid more than one probe is bound to take up more bandwidth space.

        Dispatched a number of multi-point does not determine the quality

        First of all, we talk about the multi-point dispatched the problem. In order to avoid the blind spot monitoring will choose a multi-dispatched, in the larger establishments or multi-level cell can try. However, in the multi-dispatched, we can also follow this principle: in the areas of broad vision better erection spherical probe; laid at right angles or dead place two gun-type probe complementary. This is the know-how available to everyone in the layout position.

        Reduce long-distance transmission to avoid signal loss

        Second, in most of the monitoring system, an increasing number of monitoring systems network architecture, and therefore determines the number of laid probe on the wire is capable of rendering good monitoring results. To the general image resolution VGA format 640 * 480 images generally require bandwidth = 640x480x30 (playback rate) = 9.2Mbps = 1.15MByte In other words, the network bandwidth of 2M can barely transmit the image above. General network video surveillance requirements to achieve the appropriate resolution, different resolutions need to provide different bandwidth. CIF format requires a bandwidth of 512k, the 2CIF bandwidth demand for the 1M the 4CIF bandwidth 2M. In special fields, the network of surveillance cameras required for network and office network belong to two different networks, even if they belong to a big server, but does not belong to the same network range, it will not affect the normal office.

        Will be faced with the problem of signal loss in the network transmission engineering, especially coaxial cable. Optical fiber transmission is a good advantage in the long-distance transmission, not only the bandwidth can be expanded to more than 1G, whether it is the future maintenance of the signal stability is a good choice. But in the short-range transmission, coaxial cable has been the first choice for network transmission; as possible under the premise of reducing the cost of monitoring wiring, the monitoring center set up multi-point of targeting the center of each probe equidistant transmission, so it does not appear excessive signal delay problem.

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