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  • Campus remote network monitoring system designed eight principles

        Follow the principle of stable performance, technologically advanced full-featured cost savings, considering the construction and maintenance and operational factors, leaving room for expansion for future development and expansion of the transformation factors, these are campus remote network monitoring system should be designed to consider the overall issue of . Therefore, the campus remote network monitoring system should be designed to follow the eight principles.

        1, advanced and applicability

        The system´s technical performance and quality indicators should reach the international advanced level; the same time, the system installation and commissioning of software programming and operational use should be simple, easy to grasp, for the Chinese situation, to reflect the latest developments in electronic monitoring technology and computer network technology levels to meet the requirements of the times. The system for various levels of management system, the configuration of its functions to give users a safe and comfortable, convenient for guidelines for its operation should be simple to learn.

        2, the economy and practicality

        Give full consideration to the actual needs of users and IT development trend of the scene according to user environment, the design selection of functions and suitable for the site in accordance with user requirements, system configuration program through strict organic combination, to achieve the best cost performance in order to save the project investment, At the same time to ensure the implementation of system functionality requirements, economical and practical.

        3, the reliability and security

        The system should be designed with high reliability, system failure or accident interrupt, to ensure the accuracy of the data integrity and consistency, and with the rapid recovery of function, the system has a set of complete system management strategies, can guarantee the safe operation of the system.

        4, open

        Existing mature product design, also taking into account the status of the surrounding information and communication environment and technological trends, Fire & Security condenser system linkage, with RJ-45 network communication port, remote control.

        5, scalability

        System design to take into account the needs of future technology development and use, has updated the possibility of expansion and upgrade. And expansion of the system functions according to the actual requirements of the future project, the same time, the program left redundancy in the design to meet future development requirements.

        6, the pursuit of optimal system device configuration

        Under the premise that meet user requirements in all aspects of the functionality, quality, performance, price and service, the pursuit of the optimum system device configuration, to minimize system cost.

        7,Retain sufficient expansion capacity

        Retain a certain room in the control capacity of the project equipment, in order to transformation of the new control point in the system; system still keep the connection with other computers or automated system interface; also consider the future development of science and application of new technologies.

        8, increase the level of supervision and integrated management

        The project system device control requires accurate and reliable high efficiency. Comprehensive monitoring system through the central control system operation of each subsystem always dynamic monitoring and alarm conditions hold grip. CCTV monitoring greatly reduce the labor intensity, reducing equipment operation and maintenance personnel; In addition, comprehensive and integrated management system should enable the device according to the optimal combination of running, running under the best circumstances, both the energy-saving, but also greatly reduce equipment wear and tear, reduce equipment maintenance costs, thereby increasing the level of supervision and integrated management.

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