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  • Several key factors that affect the network camera camera effects

        First, the lens

        The lens is the first off the video capture quality of the lens will naturally affect the effect of video, even though the lens there are a variety of video effects, a great influence on the price of the lens ranges from tens of dollars to several million. But still not buy the lens of thousands of dollars in the monitor field, therefore basically the lens on the market almost. However, the focal length of the lens of video effects down is worth noting that this means that when you choose the products should consider whether the interchangeable lens models, or considering whether to select the zoom lens. Here have to mention that the zoom is the lens focal length can be changed. Some network camera with digital zoom function, digital zoom can view the video image to enlarge, and in no way change the sharpness of the image, the value of the network camera. In particular, be careful not professional sales staff or JS tamper with the concept.

        Second, the image sensor

        This is a key factor in video effects. There are CMOS and CCD are two kinds of imaging, in the same pixel CCD imaging permeability sharpness are good, color reproduction and exposure can ensure the basic accuracy. Ordinary CMOS products are often permeability generally weak capacity (monitored its own tone and monitor to see the difference between the larger kind, color restore, or discoloration), exposure is also not very good, due to the reasons of their own physical characteristics, ordinary CMOS imaging quality and CCD there are still some gaps. CMOS video image artistic effect like the people according to artistic photos, we all know that the artistic photos are very beautiful, but very realistic, usually artistic effect of confusing and ignore the importance of clarity and fidelity In fact the surveillance industry, these two points is very important.

        Third, the video compression algorithm (also known as video compression format)

        This is the most important key factor in the network camera, because it directly determines the fluency of video-definition video and video storage space. By me years to understand that the most important factor has always been sellers intentionally or unintentionally avoided, reason itself can not tell which lines or shoddy motives. But as a savvy buyer, you will certainly have to understand clearly. Currently available network camera with H.264 and MPEG4 two kinds of video compression algorithms. The former stronger compression capability, video loss is less and therefore clearer and more fluid. The former can support a frame rate of 25 frames / sec, which is generally not more than 10 / sec. This means inconsistent with the latter´s video is not real-time; MPEG4 compression rate is not enough in, if you do full real-time stream is too large, remote and difficult to see.

        Fourth, the image format

        The same as different formats pixels, video file size is not the same. If you are not the same image format, we can not alone video hard disk size required to determine the pros and cons of network cameras. The image format of a network camera can often be adjusted, which means that if your hard disk space is not big enough, but need to record a long time, you can reduce image format.

        Fifth, frame rate

        As we all know, any video files are composed of a continuous picture, a picture we call it one, as one second of video consists of 25 consecutive pictures when the frame rate is 25 frames / sec. In PAL, 25 frames / second video can be a very realistic performance of the action. If below 25, the action in the video is not consistent, the lower the more incoherent jumping action may even be false like. Therefore, the frame rate video surveillance is very important. This parameter is shown on the video monitor interface. This parameter is also not very professional salesman avoided. In the purchase of products must pay attention to this, because whether it can support 25 / s network cameras cost difference is also larger.


        Some network cameras are designed to support two video signals, the so-called dual-stream. The benefits of the dual-stream is to watch all the way to stream all the way to store the stream than viewing and storage are used all the way to stream more effective to prevent network congestion and thus better able to protect video on the fluency in the effective network bandwidth.

        Seven, the front-end storage

        Some network cameras with SD card slot or USB removable storage interface, as we used to call the front-end storage. Front-end storage is often used in the bandwidth is not enough monitoring. Some environmental inconvenience Zhuangkuan Dai, front-end storage features, save a video monitor in order to play a monitoring, can not say this is one way.

        Eight, the product line

        Most of the larger monitoring system, often applied to the types of products compatible with the manufacturers of video management software and other brands of network cameras is difficult. Monitoring system to select the brand, we must consider whether the brand has a wealth of product lines in order to meet the needs of the various environments, as well as solving ability. Such as support for infrared support for WIFI wireless support POE support fiber access to support PTZ support zoom video server so that can be combined with some special analog cameras and the video decoder can access TV wall.

        Ninth, the software features

        Most monitoring systems need to focus on management, video management software function is powerful, the interface is friendly and is also must be considered in product selection. Management software more functional modules, so the identification of the merits of video management software requires a comprehensive consideration not be exaggerated to a function, we can not ignore a function to the actual demand.

        In addition to the above nine, infrared night vision capability, ultra low-light wide dynamic light inhibition functions are also some important parameters of the network camera. In summary, the selection of network cameras need to acquire a certain amount of expertise and be more patient. Do not choose your only choose, and hope that we can choose to own the right network cameras.

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