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        Usually refers to the network video systems for specific applications in the field of security surveillance and remote monitoring IP surveillance system, which allows users to video monitoring and recording of video images through IP network (LAN / WAN / Internet). Different from the analog video systems, network video system using the network, rather than point-to-point analog video cable to transmit video and other monitoring-related information of all kinds.

        Network video surveillance technology can be divided into analog transmission according to the transmission network digital transmission. Network digital transmission is divided into the telephone line, DDN, ISDN, fiber optics, wireless transmission, VSAT satellite lines, etc., may be used in a variety of network connection, and some in the same network, there may be several different transmission. In the PSTN network using existing telephone lines for multimedia (video signal) transmission can be used in several different ways:

        1, MODEM access, low data rate H.263 video conference video compression standard, dozens of K of data flow through the 28.8Kbps V.34 the MODEM access PSTN network, transmit the CIF, QCIF at 15 per second images. 33.5Kbps to 56Kbps Modem has been very popular, this transmission is conducive to low-rate video transmission, the frame rate can be further improved;

        2, XSDL is similar to the access, including The ASDL (downlink rate of 1.5 ~ 9Mbps uplink rate of 16 ~ 640Kbps transmission distance of 5.5KM) is mainly used for video-on-demand and video broadcasting;´s HSDL use a pair of two pairs of twisted-pair, two-way rate 1.5 ~ 2Mbps, the transmission distance is about 5KM, can be used for video conferencing or two-way video control.

        3,The way the DDN, DDN is the use of digital channels to provide a semi-permanent connection circuit-based digital transmission network to transmit data signals. It is mainly to provide, high-speed, high-quality point-to-point and point-to-multipoint digital link, in order to provide users with the leased circuit service. The line of communication rate of 2.4 ~ 19.2Kbps, N × 64Kbps (N = 1 ~ 32). It can also provide VPN services. China´s telecommunications departments across the country have been built and opened DDN business, communication bandwidth of 64K ~ 2.048M (E1).

        4,Way to the ISDN, ISDN channel types of information channels and control channels. ISDN user / network interface, there are two structures: Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and Basic Rate Interface ordinary existing telephone network subscriber line interface provided as an ISDN subscriber line, 2 B and a D letter Tao composition, to become 2B + D, port, transfer rate is 144 Kbps; PRI interface is the 30 B channels and one D letter Tao that as 30B + D, the mouth, the transmission rate of 2Mbps is equivalent to an E1 port .

        5, fiber channel, transmission of high quality, channel stability. Optical communication terminal, including PCM, multiplexing equipment, the second group, three groups, four groups, such as hop group multiplexer equipment. PCM, multiplexing equipment to provide users with 64Kbps G.703 standard interface can be low-rate video data directly into the PCM terminal for transmission. Undone connected devices to provide users with the G.703 standard E1 interface, the rate of 2.048Mbps transmission channel bandwidth by G.703/V.35 E1 communication card, video surveillance terminal access fiber-optic lines.

        6, wireless transmission, wireless transmission index data radio and wireless spread spectrum transmission, most business units have their own Wireless Network, Wireless Network can support multi-point remote access, they generally can provide 64K ~~ 42Mbps channel bandwidth. The same time, the Wireless Network in the construction plan, have largely set aside bandwidth for the transmission of video images, video terminal with the original data and voice services over IP access and seamless connectivity to multimedia communication.

        7,VSAT satellite lines, satellite transmission systems covering a wide geographical and construction less, can not be replaced by other transmission systems, especially for mobile VSAT station with mobility, is an important means of communication of the military defense sector, the satellite is very small caliber the primary means of communication of the ground stations in remote areas, the average user can be leased satellite line to the satellite operators, such as 64Kbps to convert serial data to establish a video connection to the V.35 interface.

        Network video systems and includes not only video and control data, but also contains the data of the audio system. Which in network video applications, digital video stream can be wired or wireless network to any location in the world, so that the user can at any location through the network video monitoring and recording of video images.

        With the rapid development of computer technology, image processing speed video images made possible through the narrowband transmission, fully capable of remote network monitoring, there is no concept of distance.

        Multimedia network video surveillance management platform based on the unique image of the MPEG-4 encoding technology, network transmission technology and information processing technology and to establish, it is fully absorbed, director of the third generation of traditional hard disk video surveillance technology and the fourth generation of network video surveillance technology, set the local security monitoring and remote network monitoring features in one. With the appropriate software to complete the local storage and network transmission of video from a support network remote transmission of jointly controlled machine or embedded DVR. Has many advantages:

        1, take into account the local storage and remote transmission. Local storage, mainly because the local is the best image quality, without network restrictions, relatively stable, provide the clearest picture screen information for future inquiries. Remote monitoring, encounter any unforeseen circumstances, you can also start the video recording system for remote backup storage.

        2, site monitoring, and remote monitoring of synchronization. By virtue of a superior digital anti-interference ability, the image in an unstable network conditions, real-time transmission to the monitoring center thousands of miles away. At the same time, on-site monitoring can not take up the transmission line, the local monitor.

        3, a powerful system management. Multimedia network video surveillance management platform multimedia network video server (codec), monitoring the composition of the management servers, professional monitoring and management software has a modular structure, small size, high integration, easy to install, use and maintenance.

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