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  • Network monitoring system and alarm linkage in the hospital

        Hospital monitor alarm linkage techniques involving hospital network monitoring systems and hospital alarm system in two parts, hospital monitoring system responsible for collection, transmission, display and storage of live audio and video information; hospital alarm system is responsible for continuous monitoring of the various exceptions to the scene, such as intrusion alarm , smoke alarm. With the deepening of the application, the inadequacies of the two systems has become increasingly prominent, such as the hospital monitoring system can visually see the scene image, but the lack of effective early warning capability, the need has been man-mark of the hospital staff on duty, work intensity, low efficiency ; traditional hospital alarm system can only display the alarm position number or name. Hospital monitor alarm linkage technology is to want to both effectively combine to make up for the two types of system deficiencies, and can improve the efficiency of the security monitoring and day-to-day management of the work.

        Along with computer information technology innovation, the hospital monitoring system gradually to the network, high definition transition, alarm systems to diversification, the development of integrated hospital monitor alarm linkage technology from the early simple switch alarm linkage to the current monitoring and alarm products compatible software the way the "Agreement" linkage.

        In the past two years, the industry have put the overall security solutions, unified management and linkage alarm and video surveillance via a single integrated security platform, can be seen that the close integration of monitoring and alerting is the inevitable trend of development of security. In addition, with some mainstream security vendors have launched a security integration platform products, the monitoring and alarm linkage application has been strong support at the product level. With some of the major industries lead the market for security intelligence solutions recognized and use can be expected in the next few years, monitoring, alarm linkage, high definition, smart solutions will be more common in the market and user acceptance, will also be a security monitoring market mainstream select.

        At this point, we must mention the typical video image of intelligent analysis technology, advanced alarm and monitoring the integration of the technology without specialized hardware alarm equipment, instead of using software to analyze alarm technology, but have and play to the advantage of the alarm and monitoring, and become the hospital monitor alarm linkage of a hot technology. As the video image intelligence analysis and security management platform can be more easily integrated, so it can effectively alleviate and avoid monitor image more and more heavy administrative tasks embarrassing situation.

         A new generation of hospital monitor alarm management platform
        A new generation of hospital monitor alarm management platform is a comprehensive security application platform, the ability to traditional video surveillance system and alarm system combined with video surveillance and alarm linkage functions and subsystem management functions. Alarm linkage process can be logically divided into: the acquisition of an alarm signal, alarm signal transmission, alarm storage, alarm-signal applications.

        Acquisition and control of the alarm signal

        Alarm signal is collected by the alarm control unit and alarm detectors to complete. Alarm control unit receives the signal from the detector, the signal analysis and judgment, and make the processing of alarm and alarm signals to upload is a video surveillance system to provide alarm linkage information.

        Hospital alarm detection technologies, including infrared, microwave infrared Shuangjian, smoke, temperature sense, door, emergency button and so on, these detectors continuous detection of the protected area, and outputs a switch signal to the alarm control unit, but alarm or not is determined by the alarm control unit, for example, only after the system is armed, the alarm of the detector is considered as a real alarm.

        Now, the alarm signal alarm control unit designed not only correcting the alarm controller of the system (such as Honywell Bosch professional alarm controller), also may be able to take alarm detectors, video encoder, network cameras, the alarm control unit can achieve access and alarm signals upload to achieve linkage. The linkage can either base class switch linkage, but also software that is based on the communication protocol through the serial port or network port access control alarm management platform to achieve alarm linkage access and management.
        Alarm signal transmission

        The alarm signal transmission alarm control equipment (such as encoders, network cameras or professional alarm controller) in the local output or transmitted through the IP network interface back-end process. There are three alarm signal flows to:

        Local control device output, the alarm signal triggers a local audible and visual alarm equipment and recording devices;

        Alarm signal through the network, the client platform to trigger the sound and light alarm text plan;

        Alarm signal through the network platform, the client sent to the alarm linkage system, alarm linkage.

        In fact, the alarm signal access in addition to the most widely used network, many of the platform system has both the other such as RS232, RS485 and other access methods in order to achieve a variety of ways the alarm system access and linkage integration.

        Alarm signal is stored

        Information storage and management capabilities, monitor alarm management platform can automatically store alarm related records, query, export and other functions related records, and associated support alarm recording and alarm recording.

        Alarm signal applications

        When an alarm occurs, the front-end alarm devices to send alarm signals to the front-end alarm control equipment, alarm control equipment alarm information uploaded to the monitoring of alarm management platform, the platform is responsible for police intelligence handling. The system can automatically or manually start the linkage mechanism to deal with the police intelligence. Can be achieved:

        Upload and display the alarm information and live images, sound system can automatically or manually to alarm the image of the scene, the sound output to the client or the TV wall, the alarm site monitoring center to provide information to facilitate the rapid processing of police intelligence.

        2, trigger alarm recording, storage and backup on-site police intelligence system can automatically or manually store the backup information on the alarm site, automatically associated with the alarm log for future reference, call the factual basis for the handling of police intelligence.

        Trigger sound and light alarm signals, the implementation of an incident field alarm system can automatically or manually warning to the alarm site. Monitor front-end or back-end configuration, alarm, lights and other warning devices, according to the needs of the alarm signal sent to the front or rear alarm, lights and other equipment, and various forms of the alarm signal output.

        4, the site of artificial supervision of police intelligence on the matter by a two-way voice capabilities field command to divert. Alarm occurs, monitoring center operators via two-way audio function on the alarm scene propaganda, and the front-end site for real-time communication, command of the scene to divert the expeditious processing of police intelligence.

        5, the scene of the capture of police intelligence, reserved for evidence backup alarm occurs, monitoring center operators can use the system image capture function, the alarm scene image capture, retained to deal with the basis of police intelligence.

        6, combined with electronic map to quickly locate the site of the incident; system to support electronic map function, the alarm occurs, the system can quickly locate the site of the incident and provide assistance for the rapid processing of the police intelligence.

        7 alarm information and image information to other systems, multi-system linkage processing.

        Alarm occurs, the system for other applications to provide an alarm signal and image information, multi-system linkage processing, timely and efficient processing of police intelligence.

        Hospital monitor alarm linkage in the day-to-day hospital management, especially in the prevention and disposal of emergency has irreplaceable advantages. The moment, in the context of monitoring by the high density of many hospitals, simply relying on the big screen of the monitoring center is unable to meet the monitoring and management requirements of high efficiency. Only through the establishment of comprehensive hospital monitor alarm linkage system, machines and software to complete the heavy man-mark and early warning, while on duty only concern of police intelligence, and linkage video, so people from numerous monitoring devices to liberate as a whole to enhance the monitoring and management effectiveness. Acts of intelligent video analysis as a monitor alarm linkage technology, typical applications, can be well interpreted by machines instead of people to monitor the management philosophy of the man-mark and early warning, as techniques become more sophisticated and applications gradually extended in the future will inevitably play a huge role in the actual use.

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