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  • Low cost fast video monitoring solutions

    Video surveillance is a real-time visual monitoring system for distance, via electronic eyes to monitor live video capture, remote live (low delay) for monitoring field information. Traditional video surveillance is widely used in scientific research, exploration, transportation, medical care, and so on. Video surveillance is through a mechanical controls allow you to achieve the main objectives of protection of property. Invests huge amounts of money in video monitoring system in China. With the development of technology, although the traditional video surveillance system has made considerable progress, but the characteristics of the system itself is difficult to get rid of high construction cost, difficulties of the long construction period. These obstacles further constrains the video surveillance system to more areas on the application development, especially with the economic effects of the civilian areas.

    1. composed of video monitoring system

    Video surveillance systems by the cameras, encoders, transport equipment, monitors the composition. Traditional

    system has the following characteristics.

    Image signal: analog, later adopts the MPEG encoding, the rate varied.

    Image quality: sharpness or higher.

    Networking properties: decentralized Office establishment, it is difficult to form a network.

    Switching characteristics: no program controlled digital switching system, air separation connections.

    Storage features: analog video.

    Control characteristics: mainly in a fixed direction, later some control functions.

    Channel sources: private network or leased line.

    Deployment: fixed deployments, and long deployment cycles, slow.

    Limitations of traditional video surveillance system.

    Monitoring function: function a single only on the primary node for monitoring.

    Control functions: and, when used to implement difficult.

    Scope of application: using the scope is narrow, for the construction of a single enterprise, use less.

    Utilization of information: information with a single, low utilization rates, are difficult to share.

    Network system: multiple network systems and technologies exist in the network.

    Network: construction of separate networks, smaller, network component-level structure.

    Construction inputs: inputs, maintenance costs are high.

    2. wireless video surveillance system

    Wireless network as a network transmission system of video surveillance systems, has the following characteristics.

    Image: digital, using MPEG, H.264 and AVS.

    Image quality: according to the need to deploy and upgrade high definition or low definition images.

    Networking properties: Provincial Council, Municipal Council, the branch and tandem (network), the whole network.

    Exchange features: streaming IP packet switching.

    Characteristics: different rates according to the needs for digital storage.

    Control characteristics: authorized users anytime, anywhere access control.

    Channel sources: private network, leased line, dial-up access, wireless access.

    3G wireless network video monitoring system for transmission has the following advantages.

    Monitoring function: versatile, can be on a different site to monitor.

    Control functions: control of anytime, anywhere access.

    Range of applications: widely used, authorized users on-demand use of private network and a public network.

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