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  • Wireless video surveillance will be going through three important stages

        According to a recent online video monitoring business operations practice, the development of wireless network video surveillance technology and different user groups on the degree of development of wireless video surveillance needs, I believe that the future development of the domestic wireless network video surveillance business will experience the following three stages :

        Phase I: based industry to industry customers wireless video surveillance applications typical application stage

        At present, the monitoring system such as the domestic Peace Project, road traffic monitoring, inspection and quarantine, electronic monitoring, video surveillance and other high-end industrial users, mostly for large metro or national industry of video surveillance systems. High-end industrial users are now mostly in the early stages of the project to build large video surveillance, the high requirements of the monitoring system, including not only the wired side of the image can be clearly seen in real time, the video kept well, and PTZ control commands faster response also an increase of the wireless video capture (such as traffic patrol, safe urban mobile patrol, urban management and mobile patrol and law enforcement, etc.) and mobile video viewing and control application requirements.

        Video surveillance platform for the current to achieve earnings the operators are basically in the first phase of industry users, government, finance and telecommunications, video surveillance of the main application areas, the depth of integration of wireless network video surveillance industry-specific network video surveillance inevitable trend of development of the market.

        The second stage: a small minority of the main part of the family to promote innovative application to commercial surveillance application stage

        Small and medium business users is not only another potential large-scale user base of traditional wired networks, video surveillance business, wireless video surveillance applications is another important area. Such user is a distributed monitoring access requirements of small shops, medium-sized chain of business organizations, health care, educational institutions and so on. The user has the characteristics of mobile, remote and mobile access, and high efficiency requirements, the penetration rate of wireless network video surveillance business class applications will have a higher starting point and a larger room for improvement.

        Business needs of business users of wireless video surveillance in addition to mobile video viewing based monitoring business needs, often also need to monitor systems with enterprise business systems, such as health care may use video surveillance platform for mobile telemedicine services (such as emergency diagnosis and ambulance in the ambulance), the bank will make use of the armored car mobile video monitor for management and control, the school will make use of the monitoring platform for radio teaching applications such as wireless electronic invigilator.

        Combined with wireless video surveillance platform for business users, with their own business is a good means of expanding business, operators of commercial customers to guide strategy should be to build a platform to find a wide range of integrators to jointly develop customer-oriented commercial applications. If telecom operators actively guide development to adapt to business users killer surveillance applications, the size of the user base will soon expand.

        The third stage: a wide range of personal and home applications, commercial and industrial applications full bloom, wireless video surveillance and video applications such as IPTV, video conferencing and voice services, the integration of the popularity of universal application stage.

        With the upgrading of people´s living standards and the increasing demand for security monitoring, home security alarm and wireless video surveillance market demand gradually increased, the future digital home of the home network can provide communication and information, home entertainment, security and surveillance services of life the application, all to meet people´s information technology needs of home life.

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