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  • Understanding of network surveillance cameras core technology structure

        The network camera can be directly connected to the TCP / IP digital network, the main function of this system is above the Internet, via the Internet or intranet, video and audio transmission. From the internal structure of the basic structure of the network cameras are generally from the image sensors, video encoders, network servers, external alarm and control interface components.

        Compared to traditional analog cameras, network cameras, the core technology is the video encoder. Now, the various parts of the network camera to do a technical analysis, and then focus on analysis of core video encoder part.

        Image Sensor

        Traditional analog cameras, the image sensor to capture video information, and then direct output is the analog video signal, the external output through the video cable. Camera´s image sensor are mainly two kinds of CMOS and CCD. CCD has some advantages in terms of image quality than the CMOS image sensor used in the monitoring project is the CCD, the CCD mainstream manufacturers most Japanese companies such as Sony, Sharp and other, accounts for almost global CCD market more than 90% share.

        Video encoder

        Its function is to the CCD video signal in accordance with the format of digital encoding, some crawl CCD output BT.656 signal, some of the acquisition of the analog signal of the CCD driver output, a video AD analog to digital conversion. Video coding standard, the standards of the major network camera MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264.

        Network server

        Its function is to compress a good video signal, via TCP / IP protocol output, and basically to support the current mainstream communication format, such as PPPOE, the DNS, UDP, TCP, etc..

        External alarm and control interface

        External alarm and control the accessibility of the interface are network cameras, mainly through the serial port or 10, a serial port such as RS232 and RS485.

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