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  • Ten Mistakes of IP surveillance technology to enter the IT field to be guarded against

        IP surveillance technology does not have a high degree of complexity, but the IP application to draw its own security, and the mystery of IT into the field. In this sense, new technologies and new environment on the reality of the threat and triggered the dispute. IP surveillance DVR contend with the fact that directly lead to many problems, present, many people misunderstand the IP surveillance. To this end, the site has specially compiled generally the top ten there are errors, for your reference.

        Myth 1: DVR is the latest and best CCTV surveillance technology

        The actual situation: People generally think that the DVR is the latest and greatest technology, many people also believe that the DVR is an all-digital network technology, but that is not the case. Compared with the VCR, the DVR has many advantages: no need to change the tape, the stability of image quality, fast search. , However, is full of analog cable, the cable can affect image quality, and they are quite expensive. IP surveillance DVR all the advantages and more features, including the following: scalability, and economic architecture, remote access, cameras, intelligence, low system cost.

        Contrary to some error argument, the DVR is not the ultimate solution, but a milestone in CCTV technology development. Practice has proved that its advanced IP surveillance technology, there is a considerable difference between the two technologies, people just recognize this.

        Myth 2: IP technology is not mature

        IP surveillance is a relatively new technology, many manufacturers have to DVR as a competitive solution. These companies want to protect the investment of the DVR, which is a very natural thing. New technologies and new ideas in the establishment of a knowledge system integrators, consulting firms and vendors and architecture in order to get rid of the traditional ideas and procedures. We have had many people still remember when people were told that the typewriter able to meet all our requirements, who need these newly invented word processor? Whether it is a very long way off? Let´s take another look cassette player or VCR, DVD replaced, have become accustomed to technology and ways of thinking in order to change it takes time.

        The number of IP surveillance installation, as well as the number of integrators and resellers is growing every day. The market soon discovered the advantages of IP surveillance, and the support of such a system Architecture the number is growing rapidly.

        Myth 3: IP-Surveillance can not meet the requirements of the enterprise-level applications

        The actual situation: the larger the size the installation, the system performance requirements of the higher, the IP surveillance system the more they can show strong competitive advantages.

        Above to get the advantages of IP surveillance system, scalability is required for high-end users. For example, Axis has received orders usually include the installation of cameras in the 200 and 300, by far the largest number of 1,300 cameras, some of which place with high security at international airports and prisons. This myth is very easy to correct: IP monitoring application case demonstrates, it can fully meet the requirements of the enterprise-class. In fact, now the government and airport surveillance system contract have already mentioned, given IP is the preferred architecture, 12 months ago, not yet the case.

        Myth 4: network video image quality is not good simulation

        The actual situation: good quality network camera with analog cameras, high-quality image sensor (CCD) and the lens. Moreover, through the use of video servers, analog cameras or analog cameras are now installed combined with the IP surveillance system. We must emphasize that this is high-quality network cameras for professional departments. These high-quality private network camera should not be confused with the low-end network or computer webcam. In fact, these types of camera function has not yet reached a level of less than a full-featured network cameras.

        Myth 5: Network cameras cost more than analog cameras, IP surveillance is expensive

        The actual situation: network cameras do than analog expensive, because they include a considerable number of functions, such as: digital image compression and intelligent. If the total cost of the hardware (camera, cable and video equipment), you can find the IP surveillance systems are usually more than the DVR advantage. If we take the cost of installation into account, because the IP-based architecture in a much lower cost than analog coaxial cable, so the advantages of IP surveillance system is even more apparent. In addition, PTZ control of the system requirements for the laying of additional lines, while the IP is not. Power over Ethernet is another cost-saving features, it does not require a power cord, and uninterruptible power supply connected to the center and IT networks.

        Myth 6: If I have installed analog cameras, IP surveillance system then it should not be selected because the DVR is that I need

        The actual situation: in fact, not necessarily the case, video server technology can play an active role. The leading IP surveillance vendors do not invest much capital you can get the video server. The video server will convert analog video signals into a network digital video stream, if the conversion of analog cameras into network cameras. IP surveillance installation projects include analog cameras, network video servers, and composed entirely by the network camera unit. Of all network functions and existing analog cameras, for some P application of advanced monitoring technology does not have any obstacles.

        Myth 7: All network transmission of video data will overload makes this technique can not be applied

        The actual situation: only a few cameras, then the existing high-speed Ethernet (100Mbit) office network is usually able to meet all transfer requirements. Compression in terms of a single common network camera, video streaming speed per second, 0.2 to 2.0Mbit, depending on the compression ratio, size and frame rate. For large systems of any configuration of network cameras and video servers, we recommend a separate network video system.

        Myth 8: transmission of video over IP networks, in order to achieve security is not reliable

        The actual situation: Although the Internet is mainly used in the field of public information, but with a firewall, VPN, and password protection security measures, the Internet can also be used to transmit sensitive information. Banks and financial institutions are usually the Internet as a medium to conduct financial transactions on a global scale, the Internet has shown for security monitoring applications. This new digital technology is completely different from the analog control system can not encrypt the information or identification, it is easy to access to information about the "hacker" can even tampered with information on the Internet (and the movie "Ocean" s11 "). This situation is a secure IP network is not the case.

        Myth 9: IP monitoring is not reliable and other technologies; for example, when the network is paralyzed

        The actual situation: the redundancy in the development of IP network architecture in the 1960s and 1970s, first need to have the condition. Similarly, transmission links, application servers, storage and switches has a corresponding maintenance phase and optional communication path. Memory can be reinforced, and the server can use the backup power supply, hot-swappable RAID disk, error-correcting memory and dual network cards. It all depends on the network designers, small networks can not be equipped with all the safety measures, but the choice of high-quality network of IT components to be more reliable than with a VCR or DVR CCTV system. It is noteworthy that, with the standard server and network equipment, replacement of the lower time and cost than professional hardware DVR solutions.

        Myth10: IP monitoring at least have to wait five years to achieve

        The actual situation: It´s the biggest mistake so far, the Axis has installed 280,000 multi-channel network video! Come out from the first network camera in 1996, while interest in the IP surveillance and orders continues to increase. Regardless of cost, performance, reliability, or otherwise, IP surveillance is a mature solution, and will continue to develop and perfect to become the core technology of the future.

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