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  • Network camera cell monitoring program

        First, the district´s major roads, squares, parking on the ground, underground parking, main entrance, the elevator car such as the location of security monitoring system.

        With the rapid development and wider application of communications technology, control technology and computer network technology, the Intelligent Community in the progressive development and growth is also accelerating pace of information infrastructure. How to make the residential tenants with an efficient comfortable, warm and convenient environment, but also to meet the changing needs of the users of the district unified, orderly, intelligent network management, which is a district safety management need to be resolved problem.

        Second, demand analysis: to strengthen the district to monitor security, change the passive survey for proactive inspections, monitoring.

        By the network camera monitoring system, full-time, continuous monitoring of various residential buildings.

        All the video data, environmental data must distance transmission, and data record is stored as a comprehensive, detailed and good scalability can adapt to the expanding needs of the district scale. Monitoring system hardware and software is modular in structure, with the flexibility and scalability to adapt to the network and the number of different scale monitoring system to monitor the needs of the target.

        The network camera must be unified data and timely transfer of the plot of the video screen, the status of personnel out of district, residential household environment, the video signal back to the monitoring center.Reflect the high-tech content, reflecting the special nature of security.

        Provide multi-point monitoring, remote monitoring, real-time monitoring and other monitoring.

        The ultimate goal is to ensure the safety and protection of owners of residential property owners and property overall is to achieve a comfortable residential living environment, and convenient means of communication, the family of intelligent systems and a high degree of security.

        Third, the design district of cloth a good broadband network to monitor the image transmitted to the cell control center to the fastest, most appropriate ideas to complete the entire system of network-based video surveillance system by the front-end network camera, the local monitoring center, network client, the central server.

        Fourth, equipment selection and network cameras

        The camera is the most critical equipment in the system, its technical indicators to determine the image quality of the entire system. The camera key performance indicators are sensitivity, resolution and SNR, the basis of the experience accumulated over the years, network camera performance of the entire system is very important. According to the specific circumstances of the business units, the front-end network cameras use 1/3 "high resolution color CCD ip camera.

        Monitoring center at Headquarters

        Headquarters Monitoring Center using the IDRS distributed monitoring and management system, the system is composed of video workstations, the central server, network client. IP network monitoring and management of hundreds of monitoring points.

        (1) Video workstation

        The video workstation is the core of the monitoring center monitoring equipment, Network surveillance video host, is responsible for the specific connection of front-end network cameras, remote video image, video and PTZ control functions. The same time, it also can be used as a video source of the monitoring center and network client is responsible for providing audio / video signal forwarding. It consists of computer and video workstation software. By the computer and network bandwidth limitations, a video workstation only a limited number of remote monitoring images, so when a monitoring center in the front of the camera remote monitoring more for a long time, the more the number of video workstations.

        (2) network client

        The network client In addition to the monitoring center, network, other network remote monitoring of user terminals. These clients is relatively fragmented, monitoring requirements are lower, login access to more casual, and usually no video requirements, therefore, into a unified network client users. It consists of the computer (ordinary computer or laptop) and client software. Client functionality and the interface is relatively simple and suitable for the use of all leaders at all levels and relevant departments, is mainly responsible for image display, PTZ control and remote playback.

        (3) a central server

        The central server is the core of the management of the entire system and Message Authentication Center. The main function is centralized management, including a variety of master (network camera, PC / embedded digital hard disk recorders, network video servers, video workstations), and network monitoring end equipment registration certificate, the user registration certification, the device belongs to the system the relationship between configuration, the configuration of user permissions within the system, centralized remote control to modify the device parameters and settings, and resource allocation, and point of service. It consists of computers and a central server software. The central server is usually installed in the overall monitoring center.

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