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  • Purchase of video conferencing systems need to consider what factors?

        Video conferencing systems are now used more widely, optional video conferencing products are more and more, how do we buy to the appropriate video conferencing system, the following brief introduction to the video conferencing system guide:

        (1) system should be able to secure, stable, reliable operation

        The video system is a real strong system, the dissemination of information at the same time have a high security classification requirements, so at the organizational meeting, the system security, stability and reliable operation as a basic requirement. Security refers to the organizers of the conference on meeting the highest management authority, approved by the conference organizers, any user can not log on the system administrator, conference administrator can easily see any staff to meetings in order to ensure that meeting information will not leak; stability refers to the meeting is a continuous process, the conference has its own unique program, any intermediate interference will directly affect the quality of the conference, so they requested that the stability of the video system should be higher , in order to protect the meeting of the whole;

        (2) the system should be excellent quality

        Meeting to interest and focus on the factors have two: one is the degree of infection of the environment on human visual environment can stimulate the heart to attend the meeting emotional, or passionate speech, or have a passion for listening; the other is the voice of the people attractiveness, good sound quality can be improved to participate in the meeting staff´s attention, or speech seriously, or listen carefully. Is essentially the difference between video conferencing and face-to-face meeting, in order to reach the traditional meeting results, in addition to improve the quality of the conference room lighting, audio and related equipment, also requires a very high quality in the video system, and to ensure a clear picture of the image translucent, clear sound clean spread to arouse the attention of all participants in the Conference to achieve the purpose of the meeting. Large amounts of data showed that 70 percent of a person´s overall attention comes from the image attracted 30 percent comes from voice to attract, therefore, images of interesting sounds and sound, the level of the standard to measure the quality of video systems. Screen in order to enhance the speaker´s confidence, improve their language charm, the video system should be able to more than one venue to showcase in front of the speaker, so many people jump up lens in front of moving, in order to stimulate the emotions of departure speaker performance, and content performance thoroughly. At the same time be able to more than one venue the screen at the same time show in front of the hearing, to provide fresh and interesting lens, coupled with high-quality sound, will be able to seize the attention of the listener, the expulsion of the sleepy, conference digest.

        (3) the system should be fully functional

        As the name suggests, the video system is to provide a system of video and audio services, not only have to shoulder the video conferencing tasks, is to have other video and audio service functions, and therefore its video conferencing, video teaching, video on demand, live video or broadcast, remote on-demand TV, remote video telephony, remote video monitoring service functions to be considered as a real video system.

        (4) the system should have a strong environmental adaptability

        The video system is designed for long-range space needs, so the conditions of data communication, it was decided the video system is good or bad. Coordinate computer network resources, reasonable arrangements for resource use plans, the performance of today´s social civilization, which department or business with a dedicated data channel for the video system to provide services, we can see the video system construction is actually a "by the opposite direction" concept, it is built on the computers to share network infrastructure. Demanding video systems, data transmission of continuous and real-time requirements in computer networks, a variety of data transmission is ever-changing, for the video system, on the one hand, requires a good voice tone, voice, absolutely continuous, clear images, no mosaic and abnormal phenomena; the other hand, the requirements of video and audio data packet is not too big, to ensure that the data should be real-time transmission, this unity of opposites, the high standards to the video system, video system, computer network to adapt The ability to become extremely important addition to advanced techniques, its own anti-interference ability is stronger than, the general system peak encountered in the network data transmission, especially when confronted with the virus interference should be an absolute guarantee small audio signal real-time data continuous priority transmission, while the continuous transmission of video signal data can also be packet loss is not continuous transmission, but with associated processing technology, ensure that there is the mosaic and abnormal phenomenon.

        In addition, due to the rapid development of IP networks and video and audio equipment, a variety of access network and device driver layer of the infinite, so the system to adapt to a variety of network access and greater use of video and audio equipment, is also a measure of the video system environment adaptability of the an important indicator.

        (5) system should have good compatibility

        Video systems have good compatibility, in addition to their own version of the upgrade features of compatibility and product indecisive, but also interoperability with other brands of video and audio signals in order to ensure users do not waste the resources of images used in the past and The largest rationalize the use of the hands of the resources of other brand name products.

        (6)The system shall facilitate the management and use of

        The video system is a shared platform, it should be easy to use tools of a public, and should not be the only professional and technical personnel to use the system, so the convenience of the system to use is the direction of product development. System should provide a full range of management functions, not only in the foreground obtained from the conference management and data management and monitoring, but also in the background on the meetings and network data traffic can be called on a good video system products.

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