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  • The family had hot "telescope" network camera sales

        Often no one at home how to protect the security of property? Elderly, the children alone at home do not trust how to do? Recently, a network camera surveillance equipment in public family popular. As long as the house opened to the Internet and install the product, the public can view the home through a computer or mobile remote, safety and a pair of eyes just like at home.

        The family had a "telescope"

        5 pm, the public Wang network camera installed above the living room. Usually the person of Mr. Wang, a busy, often no one at home, now install the network camera, you can always view the home situation. "A year ago, the district has several stolen. With it, in case my family is unfortunate enough to be a thief ´patronizing´, and can leave evidence to help police solve a crime." Mr. Wang said.

        "As long as the login page or cell phone software, enter the account number and password, you can watch the home video on any computer or mobile phone." Wang with reporters came outside the home, on your smartphone to open a software, enter the account and The password to the user platform, into the monitoring status to see coming from their own real-time picture of network camera.

        "Is not only able to see real-time situation, in the system can also take pictures of real-time video." Wang said with a smile, "This thing can strengthen the security of the family, such as family members to go out through the system settings, once in the network camera something new, alarm monitoring system will be sent to your specified mailbox or on the phone, to remind you to remotely view the home, "Mr. Wang, this camera has a 120-degree viewing angle range, as well as a microphone, you can hear at home sound.

        Network camera sales

        It is understood that the network camera is a combination of traditional cameras and network technology to produce a new generation of cameras, it can be the image transmitted through the network to the other side of the planet, and the remote viewer does not require any specialized software, using a standard web browser you can view the images.

        Day, the reporter learned that the first floor of the Century Computer City visited many shops in the sale of network cameras, some businesses put three or four styles, the instant camera with night vision function, the price of 400 each dollars to thousand dollars. Each sale of the business of network cameras counter surrounded by a lot of people. "The sales are very good, especially Recently, a store monthly sales reached more than one hundred."

          The second floor of the mall, an electronics company manager told reporters that more and more people now buy a network camera, mostly because often no one at home, want to use it to monitor the situation in the home; some boss, bought installed on the company , you can always monitor the work of the staff.

        Big difference in price to purchase to be rational

        Different functions of the network camera prices vary widely, from a few hundred dollars to million have members of the public in the purchase of a rational, not the more expensive the better. If just an ordinary family, network camera, the price will be four or five hundred dollars, have a burglar alarm with night vision function, the price slightly higher, seven or eight hundred dollars and can handle.

        In addition, image quality, after-sales service is very important to go to a good reputation, and credibility of the business to buy.

        Invasion of privacy if the monitoring of other households

        At home to install the network camera is an infringement of the privacy of neighbors? In this regard, the law firm of the great progress Shao Zhiqiang, as long as the installer of the scope of monitoring his private space is not illegal. If the camera´s shooting range is the doors, windows and other places for other tenants, it would infringe the privacy of others.

        He also said that peep behavior occurred, the parties did not image information announced, does not constitute a Portrait Right, do not bear corresponding civil liability, but the parties try to avoid responsibility for this to happen.

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