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  • Intelligent Traffic Information System technology trends

        Intelligent Transportation System is an advanced information technology, data communications transmission technology, electronics, sensor technology and computer processing technology applied to the entire ground traffic management system established in a wide range, all-round role real-time, accurate and efficient integrated transportation management system.

        With the worsening of traffic conditions in Western developed countries generally carried out research on the common information platform for intelligent transportation systems, construction. The one hand, the Western developed countries, carried out on the inter-departmental information sharing, as well as public - private relationship special, given a certain degree of protection from the regulations, policies, and mechanisms of information sharing between departments; the other hand, Western developed countries the ITS construction has been developed to a certain extent, and generally carried a higher level of traffic information service. However, behind the traffic information service, there must be powerful, and rich information resources of ITS common information platform as a support.

        Urban Intelligent Transportation System in China has gradually been widespread concern in the community, and has become the hotspot of the transport sector, the community has high hopes to ease the growing traffic problems by the construction of intelligent transportation systems. View of urban intelligent transportation system construction related to the functions of the various departments of urban management, therefore, only the relevant sector coordination and common action, the full realization of the necessary mechanisms and techniques of information sharing between the departments, it may smooth urban intelligent traffic construction and development. To this end, the Ministry of Science and Technology proposed the idea of ​​the construction of urban transportation ITS common information platform based on extensive research and application of comprehensive information on traffic.

        The goal of the ITS common information platform, intelligent traffic from all walks of life through years of research and engineering practice, generally considered the construction of information platform should achieve the goal of information sharing hub, traffic information services, traffic aids decision-making, major incident management and other functions.

        At present, the existing traffic information collection system in each discrete state. To achieve the above functions, you need to face the many problems that must be addressed. Multi-disciplinary integrated ITS common information platform. ITS common information platform construction is by no means the general IT systems integration for a complete solution to the information platform for data acquisition, data processing, integration, and information dissemination, we must also consider the integration of many technology. The same time, the key technologies in the platform is not just a pile of, or a simple combination, but the organic integration, mutual penetration.

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