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  • 2012 security products and technology development forward-looking

          CPSE can be said to be a microcosm of the security industry, 2011 Shenzhen CPSE meeting, a number of security companies to demonstrate a variety of security products and concepts. Around the direction of digital, network, high-definition, intelligence and integration, we can roughly infer that the future security products and technology trends. Video surveillance, burglar alarm, biometrics, and three levels for you to analyze the development trend of the 2012 security products and technologies.

          Video surveillance

          As the bulk of the Security Industry Forum, the video surveillance of the most fundamental purpose is to achieve good monitoring results. Respond to different control conditions, the security vendors to develop a wide range of surveillance cameras, such as infrared cameras, low-light camera, through mist camera, network camera, and so on. Different choice for the front of the security vendors also provide the total solution to achieve a good control under various conditions.

          Anti-theft alarm

          As an important part of the security industry, anti-theft alarm and not much development in recent years, the traditional burglar alarm products still dominate the market mainstream. Recent technical bidirectional alarm, new detection network alarm host may be specified in future product development ideas of anti-theft alarm. Traditional burglar alarm products have been committed to addressing key issues such as omission of false positives, and network alarm is precisely to provide a solution ideas, with some manufacturers just add a network interface as an alternative alarm channel, is the true meaning of the network alarm and alarm center linkage, back-end real-time query alarm host state, in order to achieve a true detection, network and alarm integration. Can be predicted that the future network alarm will be popular. From the the Abou conference can also see the highlight of the solution of network alarm burglar alarm manufacturers such as Honeywell. Outlook 2012 anti-theft alarm products market, we believe that network alarm will form the mainstream application trends.


          Biometric access control of the most fundamental technical requirements embodied in the recognition accuracy and operation convenience. Biometric technology for access control is the most important of these three technologies for fingerprint recognition, face recognition and iris recognition. The most widely used in the mainstream market applications, fingerprint and face recognition, fingerprint recognition because of its low price, easy to operate and other factors accounted for the largest market share, the face recognition products, followed by a little. Iris recognition products is the most expensive, but also because of its accuracy among the highest in iris recognition applications in high-end market. Can be seen from the CPSE, iris recognition in recent years through the development, the recognition rate has accelerated a lot of recognition distance enhance the close-standing recognition. We predict that, now gradually huge demand for biometric access control market, the iris recognition in 2012 a larger development, but is subject to high price, the market trend will continue to fingerprint and face recognition.

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