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  • Wireless LAN in video surveillance applications and advantages

        Wireless local area network without the use of traditional cables, while providing Ethernet or Token networks. Computer network transmission medium is usually dependent on copper or fiber main, constitute wired LAN. However, in some cases by the cable network cabling restrictions: wiring, change the line of large projects; line easily damaged; each node in the network can not be moved. Especially when far away from the node should connect with them, the laying of wiring dedicated communication line construction difficult, costly, time-consuming. This network is rapidly expanding demand for the formation of a serious bottleneck congestion.

        With the rapid development of video surveillance, a simple wired network can not fully meet the demand, nor the most economical way. Therefore, the wireless network monitoring as a special wireless network used by integrators increasingly optimistic that more and more surveillance system using wireless means, to establish a control point and is the connection between the monitoring center.

        First, the advantages of wireless network video surveillance

        Traditional wireless network monitoring and surveillance program, compared with the following advantages.

        1, easy to install

        Generally in the network construction, the longest construction period, the greatest impact on the surrounding environment, is the network cabling construction projects. In the wired network construction process, often requires Poqiang digging, pipe threading drive. The biggest advantage of wireless LAN is waived or reduced the workload of network cabling, installation of one or more generally as long as the access point AP (access point) device, you can set up covering the whole building or local area network.

        2, flexible networking

        In wired networks, network equipment placement position information by the network restrictions. After the completion of the wireless LAN, the wireless network coverage area at any one location can access the network.

        3, low maintenance costs

        Wired networks lack flexibility, require network planners to consider possible future development needs, which often leads to low utilization of information by default a lot of points. Once development of the network beyond the design and planning, we have to spend more for the network transformation, and wireless LAN to avoid or reduce the occurrence of such cases.

        4, good scalability

        There are a variety of wireless LAN configuration, can be flexibly selected. In this way, the wireless LAN can handle only a few users from a small LAN to a large network of thousands of users, and can offer as "roaming" and other cable networks can not deliver.

        Second, the wireless network´s range of video surveillance applications

        WLAN can be widely used in video surveillance wide range of scattered security monitoring, traffic monitoring, industrial monitoring, home monitoring and many other fields, in general, are:

        1, ATM, bank tellers, supermarket, factory and other wireless network monitoring;

        2, nursing homes, kindergartens, schools and other services to provide remote wireless monitoring;

        3, the power station, the mobile base station unattended system;

        4, oil, drilling, exploration and other wireless monitoring systems;

        5, Intelligent Building, Intelligent Community of the wireless management system;

        6, line monitoring, wireless monitoring warehouse;

        7, 24-hour monitoring of road traffic;

        8, forests, and water resources of the wireless remote monitoring;

        9, outdoor equipment, monitoring and management;

        10, bridges, tunnels, intersection traffic control system.

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