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  • Maintenance monitoring system

     Precautions before use
     1, the host power should be subject to inspection, to avoid burn out because of bad parts. Inspection methods are:
     A, shaking the host to check whether there is loose inside the phenomenon;
     B, check the back of the card from host skewed and whether there is poor contact phenomena;
     C, voltage selector switch is set to the 230 position, and with the supply voltage match;
     There are not normal, do not power. Immediately notify the supplier, to listen to matters of opinion.
     2, the rear panel interface is a plug pin number, and check before connecting pin is skew, to avoid damage to the interface.
     3, the interface match well, such as audio and video connectors so tight match, please replace the connector.
     4, the host structure for the card, an external connector when not to push hard and dead lift, avoid poor contact.
     5, the host job when placed in a fixed position, do not drag.
     6, according to the host interface properties, all of the relevant peripheral connection is completed, and check the contact is good.
     7, with on-line uninterruptible power supply (UPS)-based host power supply to avoid power outages caused by hard disk is damaged.
     8, according to proper procedures shut down, not way off with the power off to avoid system damage.
     DVR maintenance
     Computer system if maintained properly, even in normal use, it may be faulty.
     Maintenance on the host hard disk recording, please note the following users:
     1, the designated person operating the host, timing of the system and data backup and maintenance, the failure may cause loss to a minimum.
     2, the normal shutdown procedure, do not use the complete power shutdown mode.
     3, long-term continuous operation when the host recommended a few minutes a week off and then restart the operation.
     4, it is recommended for the host device equipped with an uninterruptible power supply (on-line UPS), to avoid voltage instability caused by power failure or system damage.
     5, hard disk video recording to monitor specific host, not as an ordinary computer use.

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