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  • The composition of security video surveillance system technology

        For security monitoring system, according to the different functional parts of the system, we will monitor the entire security system is divided into seven layers - presentation layer, control layer, transaction layer, transport layer, implementation layer, support layer, acquisition layer. Of course, as more and more integrated devices, for some systems, some devices may simultaneously exist in multiple layers of identity in the system.

        One. Presentation Layer

        Presentation layer is the most intuitive sense, it demonstrates the quality of the security monitoring system. Such as monitoring TV wall, monitor, treble alarm horn, alarm calls, etc., connections are automatically belong to this layer.

        Two. Control layer

        Control layer is the core of the security monitoring system, which is the technological level of the system most clearly reflected. Usually we have two control methods - analog control and digital control. Analog control is the control of early, usually by their console controller or analog control matrix form, for small local security monitoring systems, this control lower cost, smaller failure rate. But for the large-scale security monitoring systems, this approach becomes complicated to operate and no price advantage, and then we are more sensible choice would be digitally controlled. Industrial digital control is to control a computer monitoring system as the core of the complex will become a simple analog control operation of mouse clicks, the huge stack reduced to a simulated industrial control computer, the complexity and huge number of control serial cable into a telephone line. It will become a reality in remote monitoring, remote monitoring to provide for the Internet possible. However, digital control is not so perfect, the control panel is very expensive, wasteful module, the system may crumble crisis, more lag, and so control the problem persists.

        Three. Processing layer

        The processing layer may be referred to as audio and video processing layer, it will have over the transport layer to send audio and video signals to be assigned, zoom, split, and so deal with, the performance of the organic layer and control layer will be connected. Audio and video distributor, audio and video amplifiers, video splitter, audio video switcher, etc. belong to this layer devices.

        Four. Transport Layer

        Transport Layer Security Monitoring system is equivalent to the blood. In a small security monitoring system, our most common transport layer device is the video cable, audio cable, for the remote monitoring system, we often use the RF cable, microwave, for remote monitoring, we usually use the Internet this a low-cost carrier. It is worth mentioning that the emerging transport layer media - cable / fiber. Most people in the digital security monitoring there is a misunderstanding, they believe that the use of digital control layer security control monitoring system is digital security monitoring system, and it is not. Pure digital transmission medium security monitoring system must be cable or optical fiber. Signal out from the acquisition layer, it has been modulated digital signal, digital signal in the current run on the network has matured, in theory, no decay, and this remote monitoring to ensure no loss of image display, which is the analog transmission can not be be compared. Of course, also the need for costly high-return investment, it is pure digital security monitoring system can not spread the most important one of the reasons.

        Five. Implementation of the layer

        Control instruction execution level is the command object, at some point, it´s support behind us said Cheng, completely separate acquisition layer is not very good, we believe that the controlled object is implementation-layer devices. For example: PTZ, camera, decoder, the ball, and so on.

        Six. Support layer

        As the name suggests, the device support layer for the back-end support, protect and support the acquisition layer, execution layer device. It includes brackets, shields, etc. auxiliary equipment.

        Seven were collected from layer

        Acquisition layer is good or bad quality of the security monitoring system a key factor, but also the most expensive places system costs. It includes the camera, cameras, alarm sensors.

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