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  • Skynet works under the supervision of the city closer to the middle from the coast

        Skynet project to build three-dimensional monitoring system

        December 28, 2011, Wuhan city video surveillance system acceptance by the expert group, known as "the country´s first metro-level all-digital surveillance system." The news is like a temporary relief, for the winter in the security market to bring a trace of life. It is reported that Wuhan cameras per square kilometer over 500; 2012 cameras in public places in Chongqing reached 500 000; Beijing´s main streets, shopping malls, residential and other monitoring probe to reach 300,000; Shanghai, Shenzhen, there are nearly 200,000 monitoring probe. Whether Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan or Guangzhou, city surveillance has become an indisputable fact. Building Green Cities is a "five-second" one of the important planning and development, and ultimately the "smart city" is the security company and the Government´s objectives.

        Whether it is the city streets, shopping malls, or district, campus, monitoring systems have become a part of life. Focus on the building video surveillance system "Safe City" project, being developed from the eastern city of gradually advancing to the Midwest and the second and third tier cities. With the country "Skynet project" is paying off, as the "second five" start of the New Year period on a perfect, they opened the new hope in 2012.

        Skynet project to build three-dimensional monitoring system

        Skynet project name suggests is to use video surveillance system for real-time monitoring of fixed area and image recording, and video monitoring center is returned, investigators solve the case as evidence. All regions of the video surveillance and security systems for networking, creating a combination of points and lines, anti-technology combined with anti-air defense material, combine to fight anti-control, a combination of online and social security prevention and control system. Meanwhile, the video surveillance system to do the temporary adjustment to the normal cities, roads, community monitoring needs, some of the surveillance camera in the city for peace.

        Skynet project definition and standardization

        Chengdu, for example, since 2006, took five years to build a more than 160,000 Skynet Skynet probe probe and social engineering. To meet the "urban-rural integration" and urban construction safety requirements, monitoring probes covering government agencies, key units, major traffic junctions, streets, hospitals, schools, squares and stations and other public places; a multi-level monitoring command center, and government, streets, schools and other places networking, to create multi-faceted, multi-angle three-dimensional monitoring system Skynet.

        Skynet project "definition"

        With the growing popularity of high-definition monitor, the Skynet project high-definition surveillance cameras have been widely used. "Changsha Public Security video image information system management approach" in early 2012 formally promulgated and implemented, Changsha Skynet project by the municipal government attaches great importance; According to the plan, only the Government´s financial investment in high-definition monitor probe will reach 30 000 . This is the first year on high-definition "of Skynet project" areas. Nanchong City optimization "Skynet" project, will replace some common high-definition sensor probe to achieve the key areas of network monitoring.

        Skynet project "standardized"

        Skynet project is not groundless, a huge construction project first need to pre-market research and site visits. Whether it is security or safe city construction projects to determine where to install monitoring probes and how much is the need to install the exact analysis. Products using the least, to achieve maximum control. Popularity in the monitoring process, when the security and privacy conflict, you need a reasonable standard to guide. How to maximize the protection of privacy of citizens can play a very good safety monitoring role. High speed "grasping milk man" was shot, the video evidence did not do well kept, spread to the Internet. The typical negative example for the industry whom surprised, standardized video management approach, so that the correct storage image resources is imminent.

        We live in the city, under the control probe is busy. Monitoring probe has become part of our lives, for the city safe quiet dedication. From Beijing to Guangzhou, from coastal to inland areas, Skynet project building in-depth step by step, from first-tier cities to second and third tier cities forward.

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