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  • High-definition video surveillance security and intelligence will become the new standard

        IP video surveillance security monitoring depth popularity is an important development in 2010, technical factors directly promote the development of the industry and the user´s actual needs, once the new technology can support IP video surveillance, and can achieve actual deployment, the user will be huge attracted to the technology leap, an urgent desire to apply new technologies to the existing monitoring system based on the upgrades, even to deploy new IP video surveillance system. In addition to IP-based, we analyze security monitoring systems and intelligent trend toward high-definition how.

        Many enterprises were the main push high-definition security an irreversible trend

        In addition to the trend of accelerated IP security monitoring in addition, in 2010, outdoor surveillance and monitoring of low-light environments will make great progress, combined with high-definition technology and IP technology, will provide users with unprecedented data volume and quality experience. Through high-definition video surveillance system, the user will be able to distinguish the most subtle details of the picture for more special occasions. For high-definition video surveillance to more users to the ease of use for more complex outdoor and low-light environments.

         2009, many famous enterprises have introduced high-definition security products, demonstrating its excellent ability to market forward, such as sony´s all-HD Series cameras, the HD series Dahua DVR, Kodak´s full-HD Series network video surveillance solutions and more. sony product manager, said Qin Jie, there are already many users start using the high-definition products, high definition is no longer a need for companies to promote the concept, and already has a certain market-based and has been a good market feedback. Of course, due to other factors, the popularity of high definition take time, but the trend is irreversible high-definition, HD 2010, we expect there will be a better product performance.

        Intelligent video surveillance system will be one of the criteria must be met

        Intelligent video surveillance has always been the future development direction of the field. In fact, intelligence has been mentioned for many years, and has been obtained in some industries a certain application, but the scale is small, the market has not really up. The reason, from many aspects, including technology, standards, and practicality.

        Intelligent video analysis at present are based on Turing machines, von Neumann computer and human brain structure is very different, take two different things to simulate the function itself, as from a theoretical point of view, is impossible. We can only go so close, even the best computer recognition technology does not necessarily make someone good. For example, the behavior of such pick-pocketing, good intuition of investigators who can not be simulated in computer equipment. Algorithm is therefore constrained the development of intelligent video analysis technology most fundamental obstacle. Algorithm in theory, to achieve the full recognition of human is not feasible, only relatively simple and easy to achieve some functionality.

        In addition, intelligent video analysis because the industry is still in its infancy, there is no case to mimic the success of their ancestors, everything from scratch to do it. The communication between each user and their specific needs, and then further design and production, which requires a lot of communication to determine the link, is a relatively slow process that requires time cost is relatively high, but also greatly limits the intelligent video analysis technology.

        Man On Technology Tao always said, DVR and DVS products in the past few years has been rapid development of China´s DVR in 2008 sold more than 10 million road is an incredible figure. The reason why development is so fast, because a large part of DVR and NVR products are standardized, there MPEG1-4 video compression standard, H.264, with the standard, many vendors can follow to produce the relevant product standard, good quality, low cost products will stand out in the market, the development will be more rapid. The user itself, and also more clearly aware of their needs.

        The intelligent video analysis products currently no uniform measure, how to measure a product´s quality, which features products need to have, what kind of performance with standard functionality, cost, how the requirements are not uniform. The total pottery also pointed out that the text is in the actual security technology R & D applications slowly accumulated experience in this area for intelligent video analysis technology standards contribute to a strength for the user to select products to provide effective reference, but also conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

        Equipment vendors are actively developing various technologies, the development of relevant standards, provide for the early realization of intelligent condition. Beijing Fibridge general manager Zhang Naixian that momentum should not be overlooked monitoring the development of intelligent, he believed that one day, intelligent video surveillance system will be one of the criteria must be met. Of course, we do not expect to be able to come this day in 2010, but we believe that this day is not far away.

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