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  • Failure monitoring system solution

        In a monitoring system to enter the commissioning phase, the experimental stage, and after delivery, there may be such as failure phenomena, such as: can not operate normally, the system meet the design requirements of the technical indicators, the overall performance and quality is not satisfactory, that is Some "soft problems." These problems for a monitor for a project, especially for a complex, large-scale monitoring of projects, it is inevitable.

        1 power supply caused by equipment failure is not correct. Power is not correct generally have the following possibilities: power supply line or supply voltage is not correct, power is not enough (or the diameter of a road is not enough power lines, blood pressure is too large, etc.), power system short-circuit transmission line, circuit, transient over-voltage and so on. Especially due to error or momentary overvoltage power supply lead to damage to the equipment into a place. Therefore, in-system debugging, the power supply, be sure to carefully check and inspection carried out strictly, should never be taken lightly.

        (2) For some devices (such as a variable with three cameras and PTZ camera) have a lot of links, if handled properly, especially with the line connecting the device handled properly, there will be open circuit, short circuit, line poor insulation, wiring errors as a result of damage to the equipment, performance degradation. In this case, failure should be based on the phenomenon calmly analyzed to determine the number of lines in which the line is due to the connection problem has generated the kind of symptoms. This will reduce the scope of the problems had. Of particular note is the PTZ camera with a full range of movement as a long time, causing the connection loss, torn apart are common. Therefore, pay special attention to this line of equipment and a variety of connection should be consistent with the requirements of long-term operation.

        3 equipment or the quality of their components. In theory, a variety of equipment and components of quality problems are likely to occur. However, experience point of view, the quality of the product itself purely, occurs in the decoder, electric head, transmission parts and other equipment. It is worth noting that some equipment from the overall sense of quality may occur can not be used without problems, but some technical indicators fail to meet product description The book is given indicators. Therefore, the product must be selected to make the necessary sampling and testing. When indeed the product quality, the best way is to replace the product, rather than disassemble repair.

        In addition, the most common due to improper adjustment of equipment problems arising. After adjustment of the camera such as the intercept is very detailed and precise requirements of the work, if not carefully adjusted, there will be bad, or three variable focus lens defocus occurs when a variety of operating problems. In addition, the camera and adjust the knob on the number of switch position is correct and whether it meets the technical requirements of the system, decoder, or other adjustable parts of the code switch settings correct or not will directly affect the normal use of the device itself or affect the normal performance of the entire system .

        4 equipment (or parts) and equipment (or parts) incorrect connection between the problems arising largely occur in the following areas:

        (1) does not match the negative resistance.

        (2) communication interface or communication does not correspond. This probably occurred in the control of the host and control the keyboard decoder or control relationship with communication between devices, that is, use the control panel and the decoder or control keyboard is not a manufacturer´s products caused. Therefore, the host, decoder, keyboard, etc. should use the same manufacturer´s products.

        (3) lack of capacity or drive outside the specified device number. For example, some of the Quad alarm input interface with the instructions given on their products with the police probe, time-lapse video recorder, etc. connected to the host system connected into the system, then the alarm if the probe is connected to the Quad and the alarm input, the probe will be necessary to drive the alarm signal alarm host, but also drive Quad situation. In this case, the drive capacity will always be a problem. Show the phenomenon is Quad though to the police, but for the alarm input signal is weak and stable work work, leading to an alarm signal that corresponds to the way the camera image on the monitor screen although the screen instantly converted to full-screen but lost (keep her), leaving still images on the monitor did not alarm the previous multi-screen.

         Solution similar to the above problem:

         First, through a dedicated alarm interface box to the probe signal alarm or video switch with Quad corresponding host connection;

        Second, the interface box in the absence of an alarm situation, it can extend the signal processing device designed or powered equipment.

        Turning to the question above, will appear in the video signal output and distribution.

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