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  • Network monitoring mission to complete high-definition analog monitor to retire

        With the continuous progress of network development, network surveillance camera market prospects. Get rid of the analog network camera surveillance wiring problem, the increasing demand for high-definition monitor today, network monitoring camera allows for analog cameras can not achieve the "high definition" of standards. The future, wireless network monitoring is the future trend of development of video surveillance, urban development can be achieved if the peace "wireless" technology, is sufficient to prove that China´s security technology to achieve a qualitative leap.

        Network camera is its greatest advantage not only for the number of units based on local area network within the department or local control, but also through the Internet to break the limit for more remote areas of monitoring, such as the different parts of the video conference, remote family care or unexpected events live, and so on. Network cameras are good features. In addition, due to rapid expansion of the current 3G network, the network camera will undoubtedly bring greater development space, but also to bring more imagination.

        In addition, the network camera itself, as can be connected to the Internet. Therefore, it is also in the upgrade and maintenance of analog cameras with more than easily, life will be more long-term.

        The development trend of network cameras

        More high-definition

        As the security work, the clarity of video surveillance for security work efficiency has a great impact, so the network camera in the development process, the constant pursuit of higher resolution is certainly the main direction of its development. Compared with analog cameras, network cameras use progressive scan mode, the general CMOS sensor are set within the AD converter, the optical signal into digital signal output, thus avoiding the AD repeated transformation, so that a higher picture quality, the color fidelity, interference above also do better. Therefore, this type of network cameras for improved picture quality laid a good foundation.

        Illumination function to further deepen

        With the growing popularity of network cameras, it has become increasingly rich application environment. Therefore, it is their expectations are growing. Especially in some of the special circumstances of the shooting environment, we prefer to in-depth one. This is also the network camera in a different light on a higher level of demand. I believe that the growing popularity and the ability to enhance low-light camera, the ability to adapt to the network camera will be on a higher level, will become more popular webcam applications.


        Intelligent can be said that the current direction of development of various types of cameras. In particular, in terms of network cameras. The position also has the intelligent icing on the cake to the basic function of the change in trend. Although the current network cameras generally have a high degree of intelligence, but if the automatic search function on the behavior recognition further breakthrough, I believe it will be to help the work of security breakthrough improvement.

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