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  • HD surveillance cameras megapixels camera market will be hot

         With the goal of consistent surveillance cameras, lenses in addition to continuously improve quality, the manufacturers either develop a new technology, such as the promotion of the infrared lens, megapixels, etc. The rise of the lens, its only one goal: to enhance the image resolution, improve the quality of portrait .

         Megapixels camera from this year´s development can be seen in higher demand and higher pixel density of the lens transmittance of the lens to stimulate market demand, the gradual transition from the camera megapixels to 200 million, 3 million or even 5 million pixel high-definition megapixels camera has been overwhelming.

         Today, the lens on the market corresponding to 2 / 3 "CCD up to 500 million pixels, 1 / 3" CCD and 1/2.5 "CMOS up to 300 million pixels of camera products have been endless, the choice is very rich in high-definition lenses .

         KOWA-megapixel camera for 300-500 requires the introduction of a 3.5mm-10mm and 10mm-20mm lens corresponding to megapixels, the KOWA lens in telephoto performance is also a leader in the peer, so the company´s 8-120mm, 8-240mm ,12-360mm, etc. up to 500 million pixels high definition camera in the industry acclaimed.

         Japan imported high-definition 3-megapixel industrial camera, 1614MP3 (Japan) Industrial megapixels lens, its compact, compact, Japan imported 300 million pixel high-definition camera industry for automated test equipment, security monitoring and other high-performance HD application, provide users with the perfect solution.

          From the major manufacturers of performance, high definition megapixels camera has gradually begun to spread, the industry also generally believe that the current has a large number of megapixels for high-definition camera mount road monitoring and capture some peaceful city and bank project is also working on high-definition camera applications. Overall, the proportion of high-definition camera market has accelerated the trend of the past year, user feedback is also quite good. Million high-definition lens, the light of day not too long, in the next 3-5 years, HD surveillance cameras will have a good market response.

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