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  • CAMARA CCTV installation areas will be gradually expanded

        With the popularity and the importance of security, CCTV installation site will be gradually expanded. Future installation of CCTV will place increasing demands, many people know the distance to provide CCTV surveillance images, so feel this is more practical.

        CCTV equipment generally front and back-end equipment, there will still be some transfer of these parts. According to relevant technical specifications, we understand that today´s closed-circuit monitoring system, when installed must include the following aspects: security camera, TV monitor, VCR (or hard disk video camera), image processor.

         With the above aspects, the user can always adjust the screen to see one of them, but you can use the remote control to operate the surveillance cameras of any one of them. Today´s closed-circuit security monitoring system with stable performance, users can be more closed-circuit monitor with a sense of security after installation. CCTV system has been applied to plants, hotels, commercial buildings, shopping malls, a variety of industries can use the CCTV system to improve the safety of the use, protection of production and work life rest in safety.

        Some tourist areas have CCTV installed on the end, some visitors have to carry a child, but on the road, there is often a lost child, or carrying around some of the items are not careful on a certain area, these by closed-circuit monitoring system as long as can be resolved. CCTV can debug the corresponding time, corresponding to the location of the scene, tourists can watch the video to find clues.

        With recent years of people´s living standards and consumption levels increase, many people have CCTV installed in their homes. There are usually people who travel or children at home especially for the elderly. In addition to the above areas, CCTV installed in banks, museums and government agencies is the most extensive, closed-circuit monitoring of these institutions is essential, installation and tracking of cases for the technology to prevent play a crucial role, especially for some of the bank robbery, theft and so on. Designed especially for the amount of more cases, must make use of CCTV. Some people have reflected his own car had been stolen, is to rely on these monitors to track back. So we are hoping to place in the potential for accidental placement of CCTV.

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