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  • Video security system hardware failure investigation

         1 Check the camera

         Camera imaging and focus are the key indicators of quality, the easiest way to check is with a small television, a video camera connected output observation. Images to meet the requirements, then that problem is not within the camera.

         In addition, video surveillance with PTZ camera integrated with the general, and with the zoom function. Check the functionality required for PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) test, which requires special directives to support appropriate action protocol. Obviously, if the PTZ test in the field, you need portable computers.

         2 Communication Cables

         Live video and PTZ control signals through the appropriate cable, reached the control center equipment, or the opposite direction to pass on-site camera. If you can confirm the camera in the field without failure, the next step to troubleshoot cable problems. The easiest way is to measure the signal line continuity, common multimeter can complete this task, while the camera with a multimeter can check the power supply meets the requirements.

         Now, the monitoring system is the system by the analog signal to digital signal system changes, the video signals and control signals are transmitted in the data cable. In this case, the transmission cable must meet the requirements of the Ethernet physical layer termination, not only just meet the normal conduction communication can be realized. Therefore, when monitoring digital surveillance system needs to check the line of instrumentation necessary.

         3 Check the terminal monitor

         If the first two areas showed no abnormality, but still no image on the monitor, you need to check whether the problem is the monitor itself. Access to standard video color bar signal, is to check the most efficient way to monitor performance. It must be noted: Video signal NTSC system and PAL system of points, if the monitor does not auto-recognition, the need to manually set the order or signal generator and the signal system to match.

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