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  • Remote monitoring system operating method

        If the host is monitored by dial-up and dedicated Internet access, not through the router. Then steps and in the local setting is the same as if the host is monitoring the Internet through the router, you must open the port to use all software in order to for port mapping and other operations. So how to open ports below our TP-LINK router for example to do the introduction.

        Check the modem and router IP information via Start Menu - Run - type "CMD" and enter into the DOS operating state - enter "IPCONFIG" query IP information, including IP Address on behalf of the local IP address, Default Gateway on behalf of network off (ie router) IP address.

        Specific steps (recommended method 2):

        1 Enable the DMZ virtual host: this operation is the easiest way, it will direct the router external IP address mapped to the host within the network DVR; drawback is that the DVR is directly mapped to the external network, the DVR directly exposed to the public network on, are particularly vulnerable to attack, virus infection.

        2 Port Mapping: This method is a relatively safe mode of operation, only useful for open ports, effectively shielded from external network attacks, remote monitoring via the client software will open 80 ports to 81 ports, or other suggestions.

         Software related to each port has a different function, must be opened to all. To facilitate the management, set within the network monitoring host IP set to a fixed type, and number of IP addresses on the list as far as possible to avoid conflict with other computers.

         Buju open router port mapping operation (TP-LINK router, for example):

         1, in the IE address bar, enter the router IP (check router IP address, see this red part);

         2, enter the user name password (default user name admin, password admin);

         3, measured from top to bottom left-click on the fifth page "forward rules";

         4, click on the "virtual server"

         5, the device server port in the right window (at each input: 80 or 81,5050,5051,5052,6789,5040,7050), IP address (that is, within the monitoring host IP address), protocol (select ALL) Enable (tick all), you can enter the correct saved.

         Note: Due to the port more software involved, but some routers support only open a few ports, as we introduce the TP-LINK router, only to open eight ports. If the customer needs to open more ports can be replaced about support for multi-port router

        Described above is the client access control in the WAN host of issues related to open the port when we set up the router´s port, the software will be set. Corresponds to a different recorder by setting, you can remotely (Internet) to view and control a VCR it!

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