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  • How to determine whether the quality of surveillance cameras pass?

        With surveillance cameras are increasingly common, civil monitoring market demand surge, plus generally lower prices, civilian surveillance products to choose is nothing new, from the current development, the field of civilian surveillance cameras to simulate the machine is still the main However Throughout the entire camera market, we can see not only the product model number, form all sorts, even the brand is mixed good and bad, that surveillance cameras for civilian purchase brings obstacles, such as a look-in-one machine the same may be appeared more than a dozen brands, we can not judge the appearance alone whether the quality of the real pass, then we should be how to further identify a surveillance camera and the bad? next to civilian consumers over to help us:

        How to choose a cheap surveillance cameras? We must first understand its basic structure, first of all we help you from the inside out comprehensive analysis of surveillance cameras and the basic structure of the components, so you have a three-dimensional surveillance cameras a basic understanding.

        Brought a video camera, we first see is shell, this is causing major problems of civil difficult choice, because the price fits the mold together with a stalemate, the same exactly the same as the appearance of the product price may be from 100 -500 per month, only after we open the shell to the inner world through the camera to distinguish a product is good or bad, we can see from the chart, a video camera has a complete "program", of which most affect effect is the CCD DSP quality, then we both start from a valid distinction between the good and bad camera?

        A CCD camera to distinguish from grade:

        CCD is a semiconductor device, to the optical image into a digital signal, so the CCD camera imaging quality is the main protection, CCD processing technology, there are two, one is TTL technology, a CMOS process is now on the market said CCD and CMOS are actually CCD, just different processing technology, the former is mA-class power consumption, which is the microampere level power consumption. TTL CCD imaging process under the CMOS technology is superior to the quality of the CCD, usually in the field of civil analog CCD imaging camera is better than CMOS, but in today´s high-definition IP cameras would be more favorably in the CMOS process, the civilian areas of low CCD camera as the main choice.

        The current CCD brands are: SONY (high and low solution), SHARP (high and low solution), Panasonic (high and low solution), South Korea A1 (low resolution), Samsung (low resolution), and packaged in South Korea, known as Panasonic chip, a total of more than six brands. However, as time goes on, mainly in the simulator currently on the market and SHARP SONY CCD-based, but we do not know how many businesses use just called Sony CCD, how many businesses sell to consumers is perpetrating a fraud with a CCD SHARP . Here there are many tricky, I do not know you well know, the normal, the low-priced products with Sony CCD surveillance camera´s CCD than, the use of SHARP´s a lot more expensive, but the camera in the face of mixed market, only from the outside we can not identify the chip, let this be a brief introduction:

        Start with the CCD looks: we acquire a bolt for example, open the dust cover, see the CCD surface, bottom two rows of contacts, in the middle of a big front teeth missing, and this is SONY CCD features while missing front teeth / while not missing front teeth What is CCD it? Sony 1 / 4 "CCD (not shown), no missing front teeth, SHARP CCD, the same as not missing front teeth, but the lines thicker, which is Panasonic CCD, A1 CCD, so, look for a long time will not be cheated in the stores inside, just pretending to take a SHARP CCD SONY, at least 30% of consumers want to know how to recognize it is important, after all, the quality of low-priced Sony product is relatively better.

        Second, to distinguish from the camera DSP grade:

        DSP: digital signal processor that is the main algorithm for computing has emerged as an MCU, not just the design used in the camera DSP, many industries now use DSP, especially in the algorithms, DSP applications is very wide , is more popular MCU. From the DS / AGC out of the analog signal sent to the DSP for processing, by the way, DSP digital signal processor, how to handle analog signals? Because the DSP has an internal A / D Converter (ADC) to convert analog conduct operations to digital and then, in the camera mainly for color, brightness, white balance and other operations, operations after the signal is converted into an analog signal output, which is a video output.

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