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  • Energy - new ideas for security industry

        Environment protection and energy has been a hot topic in various industries, held in Copenhagen in late 2009 set off a global "green" craze, 2010 Shanghai World Expo also allows low-carbon energy really was a fire, most recently, the energy crisis has become increasingly prominent, every industries are engaged in a green low-carbon industrial revolution, the security industry is also seeking new development ideas, awareness of homeopathy and raw energy security, the next few years, security product design and production of energy conservation will also give more consideration to the factors.

        Energy security is reflected in two aspects, first, development and production of energy-saving products, the second is achieved by changing the power supply to apply energy-saving products. Energy-saving products can be understood as a low-power products, by reducing power consumption to achieve the energy saving effect. The power to change the way that is through the use of wind, solar and other renewable green energy emitted by electric power, reduce coal, oil and other traditional energy dependence and consumption, reduce the cost of traditional energy inputs to achieve the environmental protection energy-saving effect. Following examples to illustrate the security product or how to achieve the security industry can be environmentally friendly energy.

        Now the highway, unattended outdoor base stations, outdoor areas such as power towers use wind and solar power generation system will be for the relatively small power supply of electronic equipment, such as field surveillance cameras, microwave transmission equipment, transmission equipment can be designed to monitor and DC12V or DC24V power supply used to power systems with DC power supply beautiful match, so save the inverter or transformer, there is no energy conversion devices.

        The emergence of fingerprint access control, allowing only a finger touch to achieve the donor´s identity. If popularity of biometric access control system, and its energy-saving environmental protection will be an extraordinary contribution. After all, it is literally a large number of access cards to reduce production, greatly easing the access card waste environmental pollution and energy consumption.

        Splicing LCD screen appearance, making the video surveillance system from the high-power display screen into a new DLP-based energy saving LCD screen splicing; LCD monitor appear gradually replacing the traditional CRT monitors, not only the power consumption greatly reduced, and manufacturing equipment enclosure also reduces the amount of raw materials, thus saving manufacturing needed industrial raw materials, but also reduces energy consumption during production and manpower.

        Now, the global energy conservation has become a consensus, in the future, energy will be the measure of security products, technical content, a new indicator, the fact that this market trend is very clear. The future development of energy security can be divided into internal and external factors, internal factors are products from the industry to start to achieve energy saving, so that environmental protection. The company as a subjective dynamic, and they should understand the significance of energy saving, so development of the products produced truly energy-efficient, promoting the sound development of energy saving security. External factor is the use of wind, solar and other new energy technologies, to provide work for the security system power, the desire to achieve energy saving.

        Today, every industry to promote energy saving, more and more enterprises to participate in energy-saving product development, production and application among the energy security has become the industry development of new ideas. Most of our regional wind energy, solar energy resource-rich, wind, light-powered energy-saving products to promote in the security industry to provide the necessary environmental conditions. With further promote energy saving, security industry, the rapid development of technology and security products to improve the environmental performance of energy saving, energy security is bound to a higher level.

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