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  • HD network surveillance camera installation points

          In general, the security monitoring system installed on the HD camera network camera and the general method of installation and commissioning of the same, but must pay attention to matching a good shot because the lens quality is not good, or bad option, will largely affect the clarity of the screen, such as infrared night vision system, the best selection of infrared camera lens, and 1 / 3 inch CCD is generally equipped with 1 / 3 inch lens, 1 / 2 inch CCD is generally equipped with 1 / 2 inch lens, installation when the focusing lens must be adjusted to debug, especially after the camera´s focal plane to align, often the focus of the lens can cause images to blur unclear, less than high definition demands. Another camera housings can not be ignored, gun-type protective cover glass is not commonly used in front of plate glass, and must be a better optical glass, flat glass in general the resolution of the image has a very powerful weaken the role of selection Ball casing should note that the transition must be smooth and spherical curvature, it is best not to point the lens toward the upper edge of the shell, where a large force of light refraction, and even will seriously affect the clarity of the image. It is important that no matter what kind of casing, the best light as low as possible within the casing, the lens the shorter the distance to the casing as possible, so make the front of the camera´s light pollution to a minimum, help to improve image of clarity.

          From a practical point of view of products and system structure, level of high-definition applications megapixels basic shape, such as the front of the camera megapixels, transmission, interfaces, coding, image processing, output, display and other aspects of product technology, and application platform, According to the analysis of the topic view, basically have the run of the foundation. Although the industry was generally agreed that high-definition monitor the industry trends and market development to be, but the real market applications, the user is currently no specific types of industry, real-life application of psychological preparation.

          Based on current understanding of the information, the current day as of, Sony, Axis, Hikvision other company´s products have been or are being used in some of the core cities million HD-level network monitoring systems engineering, as these application case number, users will more and more high-definition surveillance system is not perceived as the graphics and the ability to show detail. Sample of cases by the demonstration effect of promotion to attract more high-definition image with the requirements of the application of high-end industrial users to join the camp, especially in their own local area network or have a good industrial users of fiber resources, they have to start high-definition network system applications , is relatively easy.

          From the user´s psychological point of view, they are the first for image clarity care about. But they also worry about the past, with mixed digital-analog systems, we all feel mature and stable, the operation is also handy, look up to high definition megapixels, stability, how? Convenience in use? When a failure, is not very easy to handle, or to project builders to help handling? Thus, the sample engineering case is to dispel these users worry about the best way, and sample projects also help manufacturers and integrators to discover and engineering solutions for specific applications problems, thus promoting the further improvement of products and systems.

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