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  • Only the security industry is not enough surveillance cameras

          HD surveillance cameras capture high-definition video, high definition surveillance systems just completed the first step, then the need for high-definition HD stream encoding and transmission, to achieve the exchange of high-definition digital signal control and access and stream high-definition HD display .

          Choose the encoder quality for the entire system has a crucial impact. The current monitor image appears jump, jitter, delay the reasons for excluding a large camera factors, mainly the encoder does not have the time-base correction, horizontal, vertical, pre-filtering features such as multiple, but do have these high-definition encoder monitoring function greatly improve image quality. At present, monitor the use of H.264 encoding technology, and MJPEG (MotionJPEG) technology compared to, H.264 can not only save 80% rate, but also has better support for network transmission function, that H.264 can In the lower bandwidth for smoother high-definition image quality.


          All the way high-definition video signals simultaneously need three coaxial cable transmission. Digital transmission generally use DVI, HDMI or HD-SDI transmission, including transmission of DVI or HDMI only a few meters away, is not suitable for monitoring the transmission, while the HD-SDI

          Although you can transfer about 100 meters, but the requirements for coaxial cable high cable prices are also very expensive. The use of video coding and transmission over IP networks, high-definition video and standard definition video in the transmission cost difference is very small. Therefore, the first high-definition monitor must be based video compression and transmission over IP networks, the only way to effectively control the cost of high-definition video transmission, so that high-definition monitor real practical significance.

          Monitoring center

          HD video surveillance system, there are two main center management device: HD NVR, high-definition monitoring and management platform. The former capacity of dozens of single access road, mainly for small and medium sized high-definition monitoring system; which a single access capacity of up to thousands and even tens of thousands of road management and more abundant, generally used for large systems. At the same time, the mainstream has launched high-definition and HD NVR platform monitoring and management can be compatible, both with large-scale multi-stage can be cascaded to build a high-definition video surveillance system.

          HD NVR, that is, high-definition network video recorders, high-definition NVR capacity of a single access road from 16, 32, 48 to 64 range, it can achieve up to 64 high-definition images are also stored at the same time and also to preview network hop. In addition, HD NVR also has dual high-definition display, that is the main control point image full-screen display, while one of the key control point image can be directly switched to the secondary screen display to help users master the same time monitoring the global will pay attention to important details. In addition, the integration of HD NVR also has excellent storage performance, it uses the ANR, RAID and many other advanced storage technology, and built-in mass storage and also supports IPSAN, eSATA storage expansion, so that to get high-definition storage effective protection.

          HD monitoring and management platform in the monitoring system is responsible for implementing the responsibility to play front-end access and authentication, stream of foreign distribution, control of business functions, system management functions, and expansion capabilities with flexible, single-stage platform can access nearly normal Wan Road about IP front-end, with a full set up a large network monitoring systems. NVR built with high-definition multi-level cascade system, monitoring and management platform specific implementation, including the management of large-capacity monitoring points, strict hierarchical cascade mechanism, careful allocation of management authority, multi-point distribution of the video wall management, professional Map integration rich and robust management capabilities.

          In recent years, the security industry continues to heat up high-definition monitor, the market also appeared on a variety of high-definition monitor products. However, to realize the purpose of high-definition monitor, two products alone is not enough. HD Monitor is a total solution, you need all parts of the monitoring system with force.

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