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  • The advantages of laser surveillance cameras

        It is understood that the future will replace the laser surveillance camera infrared camera, thereby making an already indispensable in Chinese IR night monitoring machine, will be out of the market.

         Laser camera relative to the infrared camera, there are four advantages:

        The first is clarity greatly improved, although the infrared camera at night will see the image, but often not see the face, the other, control common IR distance is limited, which in some places demanding security surveillance is very regrettable. Laser camera you can ignore the intensity of light, laser components and ultra-low-light infrared light components, the camera in total darkness to achieve 400 m high-definition night vision, while maintaining image clarity.

         Followed by longer life expectancy, the infrared laser camera surveillance camera is ordinary life three times. This requires 24-hour monitoring of the environment, the more outstanding advantages.

        The third is to automatically adjust the lens focal length, the laser camera has a certain intelligence, according to a moving object (people) of the distance and speed automatically adjust the length of the lens, providing clear picture quality.

        The fourth point is its low-carbon green features. Traditional infrared camera much heat, not only consume more power, but not the heat that comes out of the body, resulting in overheating of the body, has seriously affected the camera in the life of electronic components, and laser cameras do not have this hidden dangers.

        In Europe, the infrared camera basically has withdrawn from the market, but in the Chinese market, the traditional IR due to its low price, and in many parts of the application. However, if simple, technically speaking, in all aspects of the laser camera has obvious advantages, can replace infrared surveillance cameras.

        The current high price of laser surveillance cameras that have hindered its popularity is an important factor.

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