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  • Network surveillance camera test procedures

        Testing the Camera key test clarity and color reproduction, illumination, backlight compensation, followed by measuring the spherical distortion, power consumption, low operating voltage, the following first clarity and color reproduction as well as illumination, backlight compensation of the measurement procedure first introduced it.

        1. Definition of measurement: testing multiple cameras, you should use the same lens, (recommended to be fixed focus, the second variable lens), to test the card center circle appears on the monitor screen left and right side of subject, the number of clear and accurate the tick has been given a total of 10 groups and 10 groups of vertical lines horizontal. Representing the vertical resolution and horizontal resolution, and the corresponding set of lines has been given. 800 350 lines of horizontal as vertical lines, this time is best to use black and white monitor. Test material in the long-term focus can also be measured edge while focusing. Preferably both, this camera can see the difference (convergence of the distance).

        2. Color reproduction of the test: test this parameter should be selected for color monitors. First remote viewing figures, costumes, to see whether the color distortion, take the bright contrast of objects, see the camera responsiveness, take color pictures on the front of the camera, look at the screen more clearly outline the extent, too light or too thick, again should exercise objects color camera, to see whether the color smearing, delay, fuzzy, etc. The generation of test conditions such illumination in the camera should be in the 50 10V 50V measured under illumination, the generation of illumination per camera basis plus ten volts, and the aperture should be kept closest to the state.

        3. Illumination: the camera in the darkroom, darkroom before and after the active 220V incandescent lamp, set at the regulator to adjust the voltage regulator to regulate the generation of a dark room with high light and shade, the voltage from 0V transferred to 250V. Indoor lighting can be adjusted to the most out from the dark, test the camera aperture records are open to the maximum value of the next most illumination (the active lights dim with the regulator built darkroom to not see the screen) then aperture to a minimum and then hit a record minimum illumination value, but also before and after the lights were out off the regulator.

        4. Backlight Compensation: This parameter is tested in two ways: one is in a dark room, the camera lights on the front side of the regulator, adjusted to the light, the light and then place a picture or text below, to welcome the light video camera, see images and text can see, the screen does not glare thorns, and adjust the AL, AX pull file switch, to see whether changes in which the best results. The other is the case in the sunny window according to the camera, then look to see whether the images and text.

        5. Spherical distortion: watch-type distortion test card placed in front of the camera to make the entire sphere appears on the screen, to see whether the spherical ellipse, the camera forward, to see whether the center of the circle amplification, re-test the edge distance, angle, box with or without curved distortion.

        6. Power consumption: the minimum operating voltage, use the multimeter to measure current, voltage regulation using small regulator to see.

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