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  • How to determine the performance of high-definition surveillance camera good or bad?

        High-definition surveillance camera high-definition products as an important member of the user in the choice of the time often do not know from which to determine its performance, I believe that the performance of high-definition video camera to determine the main aspects to be considered from the following:

        First user in the choice of high-definition camera, when, to understand their needs, mainly for the financial system HD cameras, road traffic monitoring, because these places have special requirements for image, if the user can see the place unnecessary Face characteristics, license plate number, etc., there is no need to select high-definition camera, choose an ordinary camera is perfectly possible, after all HD cameras in the price than the average high, so that the choice of when to first define their needs.

        The second is the camera function, which is mainly reflected in the clarity of the screen, looking at the screen when the main observation of a static definition, dynamic definition, color reproduction, there is shooting scenery, scenery, flowers, moving objects when looking at the screen is clean, the color is natural and realistic. Clarity of the screen just to see the level of resolution, but also it has a wide dynamic, automatic white balance, image sharpness adjustment, super digital noise reduction, intelligent digital automatic metering compensation function. In the detection of wide dynamic function, you need to observe the bright areas and dark areas are clear transition between the natural, wide dynamic range is automatically adjusted. Good camera in the bright and dark areas will have a rich and delicate performance level, the big lamp at night to see the license plate, the headlight contours, filament and plate are very clear and bright vertical line does not appear. The illumination will have to observe at night surveillance camera images are clear, noise, size, how these aspects affect the functions of the camera.

        The third is the camera some other aspects, such as camera operation settings for the current high-definition cameras mainly through the menu and set the dial to adjust the code in two ways, with a menu of camera you need to pay attention to the menu function is rich, whether easily adjusted, can meet the different complex monitoring environment. In addition, some cameras have a different mode, users only need to use the time to choose according to different environments on it. Depends on the camera´s data interface is rich, because in the course, there will be surveillance cameras because of environmental or human damage, does not work the phenomenon. When the installation option must pay attention to the lens, because the poor quality of the lens, or matching is not good, will largely affect the clarity of the screen. On the camera´s accessory products also pay attention to, because to achieve high-definition effect, in addition to front-end high-definition video camera, the transmission system, the intermediate system and the terminal display system must meet the requirements of bandwidth and compression. The final step is to see the camera manufacturer´s technical support, including the ability to provide specialized technical training, special features and operation of the product detailed explanation of the menu, after problems in the shortest possible time, whether for maintenance.

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