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  • Wide dynamic range into a video surveillance camera needs

        Wide dynamic camera technology is gradually maturing, but there are not enough on the current technology. On the image processing technologies, because of the wide dynamic range technology is used in the image synthesis technology, so for DSP processing power requirements are higher, mishandled, it makes image restore capability is even worse, clarity will be declined. High sensitivity with wide dynamic range of the camera is relatively low, the current wide dynamic camera light enough to meet the needs of your environment, showing a comparison of high quality images, but in the case of low light situations, their condition is not very good. This is also the various factories pressing technical issues to be solved. Current dynamic technology which gives a dynamic range from traditional are not yet fully meet the environmental requirements of many light drop large, it remains to be seen continuously upgrade and improve.

        Current wide dynamic camera are widely used in various fields. For example, the stadium entrances, casinos, parking lot entrance, banking and finance, transportation and other public places in Hong Kong point locations in the area usually on the camera´s dynamic range, light and color reproduction of the very demanding. Crucial time because evidence is required, if for a video capture device specification limited, lead to a suspect is not recognized, use sense in this for the full suite of monitoring and control system will be fatal.

        Financial: application in Bank of wide dynamic camera main installed in Bank of counter and large door, due to Bank itself monitoring of particularity, its counter and door if used General camera will often see does not Qing customer face special card, if open BLC function, and will on employees of operation see does not Qing, using wide dynamic camera is resolve has this a before and after balance of contradictions, while, due to Bank on color of restore ability and clarity of requirements are comparison high, So has the HD features and better color reproduction of wide dynamic camera more welcomed by the financial industry.

        Expressway toll system: currently low light, wide dynamic camera focused on freeway toll collection monitoring system for road monitoring, mainly toll lanes, to monitoring the charging of toll plaza, toll booths, toll lanes through the operation of the vehicle type, toll and fees during emergencies and special events to observe and record in order to exercise effective supervision. Especially overnight, charging station staff needs to see license plates, typically, lights opens, road environment illumination and license plate formed a certain dynamic range illumination, traditional cameras to "see" so low light, wide dynamic camera needs.

        Entrance: entrance and wide dynamic range camera is aimed at major gate entrances of office buildings, factories, building entrances, Hall gate, often outdoors in strong sunlight exposure, and lower indoor light and phase constant illumination light contrast greatly, causing facial details from the exterior into the Interior of the personnel of the dark, not read. Camera with wide dynamic function could well solve indoor and outdoor Ray overtone issues of border, makes goals and background will it clear.

        Car park, scene lighting contrast comparison, environment day/night changes large or light by more complex, requires that the cameras have a wide dynamic range, but ordinary cameras fail to meet the monitoring requirements of such scenes, and wide dynamic camera is to adapt to the change of day and night light and contrast, can effectively address the problem.

        Wide dynamic camera of choice, the apuu dafanqinghua said is mainly security monitoring should be based on the actual level of need to use a different dynamic range HD wide dynamic camera, there is no need to pursue high wide dynamic range. Higher dynamic range, the resulting image will be more noise. Financial Bank ATM, self-service banking access such sites,because of its high security level, you must to see people´s facial features, such establishments will be able to use high dynamic range of hi-def webcam; and General car park entrances, freeway on-ramp you can select the cameras dynamic range is slightly lower, its favoured choice low light camera. ”

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