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  • Image sensor application in security monitoring camera

        With the rise of various types of consumer electronics, security camera image sensor has become one of the brightest star in the semiconductor industry, and in the image sensor, CCD sensor and CMOSSensor also gradually find its application in emerging growth markets, to become a mainstream technology on the market. Surveillance camera image sensor compared to the CCD sensor has the disadvantage of low sensitivity, signal to noise ratio high, but it still has a low power, low cost and other advantages.

        CMOSSensor apply the market for camera module image sensor application of the most important component, of which application for communications and electronics with the highest percentage against the total 70% of the CMOSSensor market, CMOSSensor market the main applications include security systems, automotive systems, PC peripheral applications, such as digital cameras. IPad Tablet market driven application is CMOSSensor one of the fastest growing markets.

        Security monitoring camera image sensor application market between the market value of 10%, in the past using CCD image sensor, CMOSSensor performance continues to improve in recent years, began to break into for CCDSensor long exclusive market mainly favor security cameras at a lower price.

        Technical characteristics of CCD and CMOS is primarily the imaging process, integration, power consumption, performance metrics, and so on.

        1, imaging process

        CCD and CMOS uses the same photosensitive material, generated by light electronic fundamentals of the same, but read different: CCD and clock signals are synchronous signals, with the frame or on the pattern of transfer, the entire circuit is complex, readout rate slow readout CMOS DRAM-like way, simple circuit, read rate is high.

        2, more integrated

        CCD readout circuit using the special manufacturing process is complicated, it is difficult to A/D conversion, signal processing, automatic gain control, precision on amplification and storage capabilities into a single chip, generally need to group multiple chip implementation, which also requires a multi-channel non-standard supply voltage. With the help of large-scale integrated manufacturing processes, CMOS image sensors can easily put these capabilities into a single chip, most CMOS image sensors have both analog and digital output signal.

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