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  • Constituents of Safty monitoring and Control System

        First, the front part of the

        Complete analog front-end video capture, detector alarm signal generation, head, shield control, alarm output function. Includes camera, zoom lens, outdoor infrared detectors, dual monitor detectors, temperature and humidity sensors, PTZ,protective cover, decoder, lights, sirens and other equipment (equipment usage based on the actual needs of the user configuration .) And built-in CCD camera through the auxiliary circuit will be the scene of shooting into analog video signals, via coaxial cable. Zoom lens to shoot the scene closer, farther, and to achieve aperture, focus and other optical adjustments. Temperature and humidity sensors can detect the environment temperature, humidity, in order to ensure good internal physical environment. PTZ, camera and lens shields to provide a suitable working environment, and to achieve horizontal and vertical camera angle adjustment. Decoder is the head, the core of the lens control device, it can be achieved by using the computer interface through software control lens, PTZ.

        Second, the transmission part

        Here are some of the major coaxial transmission components. Transmission part of the requirements in front of the camera images in real-time video transmission, and requested a transfer loss is small, reliable transmission quality, image clarity in the video control center can restore the display.

        Third, the control section

        That part of the core security monitoring system, it signals the completion of the digital analog video surveillance capture, MPEG-1 compression, recording and retrieval of monitoring data, hard disk recording functions. Its core element is the acquisition, compression unit, and its channel reliability, processing power, video retrieval convenience directly affect the overall system performance. Control part is an alarm and video records a key part of the linkage.

        Fourth, the TV show part of the wall

        The partially completed system monitor or the monitor screen in real-time monitoring signals on the display and playback of video content and retrieval. System supports multi-screen playback, recording all channels simultaneously, the system alarm screen, voice prompts and other functions. It is compatible with conventional TV monitor wall glance monitoring capabilities, but also greatly reduces the duty staff to improve the security and defense strength and reliability. Terminal display section actually completed another important work - control. Such controls include camera pan and tilt, camera control, alarm control, alarm notification, automatic, manual proof, anti-theft features such as lighting control, the user´s work need only click the mouse on the desktop operating system can be.

        Fifth, some anti-theft alarm

        Including around entrances and exits in the important, stairs installed active infrared sensor, for deployment in the control center duty room (control room) to install the alarm host, someone somewhere once more into the probe that is auto-sensing, alarm, alarm host parts, while the corresponding linkage searchlights and cameras, and automatically switch to the host alarm camera on the screen, pop-up alarm central monitoring computer and electronic maps for alarm record, suggesting that on duty personnel to deal with greatly increased security efforts. Alarm system is to prevent the use of active infrared motion detector will be an important channel to control them, and connect to the alarm center management center, non-working hours when there are personnel from non-normal entry into the detector alarm signal will be sent immediately to the management center, and start interlocks and equipment to warn of intruders, and video camera can be continuous. In the external installation of an electronic fence, electronic fence is the most advanced anti-theft perimeter alarm system, which consists of high-voltage electrical pulses to detect the host and the front fence component. Host is to produce high-voltage electrical pulses and receive high-voltage pulse signal, and detection of the fence in front of net, short circuit, open circuit state can generate an alarm signal, and the invasion of the signal sent to the security alarm center; front-end detection by the rod and metal fence wire, etc. perimeter composed of tangible elements. Electronic fence is a fence more proactive intrusion prevention, intrusion attempts made on the back, repulsed the invaders, the delay time of the invasion, and do not threaten people´s lives, and the invasion of the signal sent to the security monitoring devices to ensure that management Alarm area to keep abreast of the situation, make a deal quickly.

        Sixth, the system power supply part

        Power supply for the entire closed-circuit monitor alarm system to ensure the normal operation play a crucial role in the destruction of that once the power supply will cause the entire system is paralyzed. Power supply system can be centralized and decentralized power supply in two parts, the user can choose according to actual needs.

        These are only typical of a security monitoring system introduced in practical applications of different types of programs have emerged, security monitoring systems programs are generally based on the user´s different requirements and tailored. For security monitoring system, according to the different functional parts of the system, we will monitor the entire security system is divided into seven layers - presentation layer, control layer, transaction layer, transport layer, implementation layer, support layer, acquisition layer. Of course, as more and more integrated devices, for some systems, some devices may simultaneously exist in multiple layers of identity in the system.

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