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  • Safe City building for the new network monitoring application changes occur

        The past two years, with the integration of IT elements and the rapid development of IP networks, video surveillance industry to speed up the process of the network. Since 2004, the city with the peace-building work step by step, network monitoring and gradually into the spotlight. The development of video surveillance from analog to digital, from wired to wireless, it is undergoing a technological revolution after another, while the market has also undergone corresponding changes. Market value of close to 2010 security 230 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 30% of the peaceful city, the market value of more than 600 million; in peace building in the city, accounting for 20% of network surveillance cameras, has formed a large-scale market. When the Green City project in front and gradually the use of high-definition network camera access, this transmission, storage, systems management platform and other sectors, will face new technologies and capabilities to adapt to changes in requirements. All in all, the advance of urban development to promote safe network monitoring applications to enter into a new period of change.

        DAC intelligent monitoring technology deployment

        Whether it is safe city construction or "3111 Project" to the city as a unit through a video surveillance system from scratch, from point to surface, from a single monitor to complex intelligent monitoring of development and change. As we all know, safe city construction system wiring is very complex and complicated things, the birth of network surveillance cameras to solve the "no special cable can not monitored," the embarrassment; technological means of intervention also makes analog control is gradually being replaced by digital monitoring . Green cities monitor as the image screen higher, so the demand for high-definition network camera, so safe city construction makes network monitoring cameras have been an unprecedented opportunity for rapid development. I interviewed that, with intelligent video analysis technology gradually improved, safe urban systems, intelligent analysis of urban systems in the safe application will shine, from digital to the network, and then develop into intelligent, competitive intelligence will affect the market.

        Caused trouble across 3G wireless monitoring steering mature

        The emergence of 3G wireless network to solve the network monitoring wiring problem. But faced with the dual pressures of high costs and stability, 3G technology does not mean that wireless video surveillance market in a year or two widely used. According to Director Yu Yunping Hikvision industry, currently the 3G wireless system set up by several operators, but the safe mode of urban systems around the building but not the same. Some areas are relying on public network operators to build, set up the video in some areas on their own private network. In either network mode, safe urban systems and 3G wireless networks are not technically docking problem. But only technically simple docking is not enough, the 3G wireless monitoring system with the combination of the traditional fixed-line monitoring system, the business processes to achieve interoperability in order to be called fusion. So in terms of technology maturity, the improvement of the network, changes in consumer attitudes, business model changes, etc., the maturity of the market will take some time.

        Leveraging the core DVR NVR to play

        Peace building in the city to back-end storage systems for the development of the core DVR, embedded DVR + early central management server, add the video relay server in the node, but with the increasing urban monitoring data and network services, convenience, back-end storage technology is undergoing subtle changes. NVR mass distributed intelligent storage network to meet the needs, NVR + HD IP camera is also the most cost-effective solution that can reduce deployment costs and promote the popularity of high-definition monitor; the other hand, NVR design flexibility and integration bring low-cost characteristics, can greatly enhance the ease of use and high-definition monitor availability, application and popularization of the market also has a significant role in promoting. While NVR on the market has not been widely used, but leveraging the construction of the Safe City to develop the core DVR NVR is to promote road.

        2011 has been more than half, look at the first half of the Safe City development, China has increased the second and third tier cities of the peace efforts in building the city. With the continuous development of industrial applications, in order to apply for the Safe City network video surveillance on behalf of the revolutionary impact brought about, will lead the video surveillance industry into a new phase.

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