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  • The three main role surveillance cameras

        Introduction: If the intelligent transportation system is the human brain, then the road surveillance cameras is one of the two eyes, and in complex traffic situations in order to more clearly seen in a more accurate, then the "eyes" of a higher requirements, road surveillance cameras in the role of intelligent transport system is self-evident.

        The role of nature is to look at the eyes, the road is designed for surveillance cameras to monitor traffic on the road movement of vehicles, drivers, pedestrians and other markers of the target object, and requires 24-hour non-stop running, endurance, based on the requirements, but also in real time, to clearly capture the characteristics of the target object information (such as license plate, color, face, contour, shape, etc.), as the article said at the beginning, if the road was a dedicated surveillance cameras, then see the vehicle´s license plate would not be so difficult.

        To sum up, in fact, the role of road surveillance cameras have the following three points: "Look," "record" "mind."

        First, the traffic monitoring

        Front of the camera will monitor the area of ​​real-time image of the transmission line through the return traffic command center, real-time traffic control personnel to master the intersection and the traffic conditions, such as: road traffic who, signal status, violations of the law and motor vehicle accident cases. This information can help the traffic management department to take timely appropriate treatment and disposal plan, and through the broadcast media and in front of traffic guidance display timely release of information to inform drivers and pedestrian roads, effective traffic control.

        Second, real-time video

        Transmitted to the traffic command center of the video image is automatically saved to the video server, as a deal with traffic accidents, motor vehicle offenses, public order crime and other emergencies evidence basis.

        Third, the information collection

        Depending on the specific monitoring requirements, a special collection on the road traffic movement in the vehicle, drivers, pedestrians and markers and other characteristics of the target information (such as license plate, color, face, contour, shape, running, etc.) available to control software or equipment for analysis and processing, analysis and decision in accordance with the program set the algorithm output and processing plans, and can automatically control the entire system linkage process. The effective access to real-time, clear image information, based on a number of derivative-based intelligent video electronic equipment and control systems, such as: electronic police, roads bayonet, video detection, license plate recognition, face recognition, automatic surveillance and so on.

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