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  • Anti-technology monitoring system to weave a "Skynet" to ensure that people live

        Weishan city anti-technology monitoring of a system that monitors each time the main street, key positions, not only for effectively preventing and combating crime, to provide technical support, more people guarding the peace of this party was called the people vividly as "Skynet."

        Street robbery, snatch theft cases, and multiple direct impact on people´s safe travel. A year ago, Weishan County Public Security Bureau, more than 1,000 million investment in the city built a 186 monitoring points in July this year, Weishan "Skynet project" monitoring system fully operational, every major city intersection, an important part, shopping malls, squares are In the "Eye of Heaven" under surveillance. Surveillance camera can be rotated 360 degrees wide visual range, high definition, and, with infrared night vision, effective work 24 hours a day. "Skynet" an even field a monitor control command center with the county public security bureau, which on the one hand serve as a deterrent, so that criminals can not commit crimes, on the other so that the public security authorities of the crime prevention and control work of the initiative, to discover and handle emergencies cases, events, made the case that criminals can not run.

        Recently, in Weishan bicycle theft cases occurred in the hospital, the police is the use of surveillance camera captured the suspect characteristics to help identify plainclothes police in a timely manner by the thieves, and on the spot and arrested him. In mid-October, Weishan Suguo supermarket in front of the city with the theft occurred in the case of electric vehicles, the police is under the "Skynet" Monitoring time to capture images, follow it wiped out a theft gang fled, returned to the stolen vehicle in a timely manner the victims of the masses.

        In the main streets of the city and parts of the implementation of the monitoring at the same time, the main road out of town, established high-definition card points, allowing criminals to immediately develop sky.

        A few days ago, a district of the city occurred in Weishan theft auto case. Succeeded after the car theft suspect, traveling east along the road east to Zone Taikang Road, and finally through the State Road 104 Taikang Road, go to Tengzhou bound direction. The whole process to make the "Skynet" under surveillance. Weishan and stolen vehicles through the junction Tengzhou, the suspect´s facial features are high-definition camera card points clearly recorded. According to this precise clues, the police quickly detected cases successfully suspects.

        It is understood that "Skynet" project will be gradually to businesses, towns, shops, rural extension layers, in the county woven into a seamless, full coverage of crime prevention and control network, day and night guarding the peace of the people Weishan.

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